Why the iPhone 5C may be the phone for you

iphone 5cThe Apple 5S is the new marquee phone released by Apple, but fans of the iPhone shouldn’t discount the Apple 5C, the equally new lower cost phone Apple announced at the same time. With all of the power of the iPhone 5 and at a much lower price point than the 5S, the 5C is a great option for those looking for a new phone.


Compared to the iPhone 5S (which only comes in three colors), the iPhone 5C has a lot of  personality. This includes a five different colors and six unique cases.


The new product has five colors that you can choose from when ordering the iPhone. These include a bright white, shining pink, baby blue, lime green, and shimmering yellow. Unlike previous iPhone, the 5C is plastic. While it’s easy to think plastic equals lower quality, the 5C may ultimately be the perfect phone for those prone to dropping their devices, since plastic is more forgiving than metal or glass.


Apple boasts a strong personality touch with their new product. Not only does the iPhone 5C have five colors of choice in the phones, but it also has a start-up of six cases that you can choose from. This equalizes out to a total of 30 personal choices that you can pick from to make your phone specifically yours.

Long-Lasting Battery

The iPhone 5C has a long-lasting battery life. It his 10 complete hours of battery-draining usage time. Even things that are harder on the battery still won’t completely drain the battery before the full 10 hours of usage time is up. The battery can last up to 10 hours of talk time, web browsing, and video playback. None of these things that will drain a battery really quick will completely drain the battery before the total time (10 hours) is up.


Apple have boasted about their picture technology ever since the original 1st generation iPhone was released. This generation of an iPhone is no different. They’re still boasting about picture quality, and how the 5 element lens and 8 megapixel camera makes their camera the best. This time, they’ve came up with a eight built-in live filters to come with this phone. This can edit your photos before you ever even snap them.


You also have a 1080 pixel HD video recording. You have a 3x zoom when using the video recording. There is also a video image stabilization capability that stabilizes your recordings. This is extremely helpful when trying to record good videos. The camera also has the ability to take photos while recording video.


It has a FaceTime HD video camera that provides high sensitivity to colors in low light. The iPhone 5C also has an audio-only FaceTime calls with a great audio sound quality.


In a short summary, the iPhone 5C is a great new product with many new features. It has a wide selection of colors and cases with many new cases planned to be released later, along with many smaller companies that aren’t working through Apple that will release new cases. This gives your phone your own personal touch. Apps from the App Store will customize your phone to suit your needs and uses.

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