Why QuickBooks Hosting Is The Best Way To Use QB For SMEs?

QuickBooks hosting provides individuals and organization with anytime, anywhere access to their valuable company data. With hosting, the requirement of staying glued to the systems or desks has become almost negligible. With smooth online connection, users or company employees can access their data from anywhere. Hosting service providers maintain the software and customer files on their own servers in secure data centers. This makes hosting a viable option since there is no requirement of any equipment.

In today’s time, there are fewer chances where you just can sit in your regular work place and carry on the job. Businesses are growing global and frequently, one has to travel to various places in order to fetch business. In that case, the utmost requirement is the availability to company data at all times for whatever they need. There are three ways in which QB can be accessed for transactions and online financial updates on the go:

  • QuickBooks Online Edition: In this you can access your data at any time. The only thing that is required at the user’s end is a good internet connection. Online version has some limitations in comparison to the desktop version. There are some additional and important features which are missing in the online edition. On top of that, as the online version works on the internet connection, heavy traffic can hamper smooth working or if the Intuit’s server goes down, then it can lead to no access situation.
  • Remote access software programs: One can remotely access one’s computer via the internet using “remote access online” tool where there are links provided to the users to avail the service. However, there are many flaws which can cause inconvenience to users such as:
  1. Host computer’s speed and its internet connection decide the performance of remote operations.
  2. The system needs to be powered “ON” throughout the time for accessibility which is a serious drawback from security point-of-view.
  3. Anyone whom you allow can have full access to everything and not just QB. This makes it futile in sharing mode where some data is confidential.
  • QuickBooks hosting: This solves almost all the above mentioned problems. With QuickBooks hosting, one can access files from anywhere at any time as files along with various other add-ons that are can be hosted on hosting company’s servers. There are no security issues as the provider complies with all the standards required for safety and also ensures through various other implementations at his data center that is client data is completely secure.

Why QuickBooks hosting?

  • Easy and effortless setup: It is as easy as a child’s play since it needs only two things that include a good internet connection and valid user-owned licenses for QB. Even when the users do not possess their own licenses, the Intuit authorized service providers can lease the licenses to users for the required period of time.
  • One click access: For clients of Terminal server providers, QuickBooks is just a click away. Simple login to high-speed servers with the allotted credentials gives them access to their dedicated server through which they can access their updated QB data files.
  • Anytime and anywhere access: There are no boundaries which can stop you from accessing your data.  You will just need your login information and a good internet connection on any mobile device and the accounting data can be accessed from there.
  • No file-sharing complications: You can just update your accounting files once and sit back in your chair while others update their data on the same file. This maintains consistent state of financial operations performed on the files by other people in the network. There is no stress related to updating files separately and then synchronizing. 
  • Cut down your IT costs: Save bucks by reducing the unwanted expenditure on IT infrastructure. QuickBooks hosting providers set up and install your cloud environment, handle all your security issues, server speed problems and system upgrades. Besides, regular backup ensures that you can recover all your data if it is lost due to any mishap.
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By Aditi Tyagi

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