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Weather iPhone Apps.pngThe IT industry constantly brings us some surprises, which happens more and more often that it happened in the past. Samsung, for example, presented their version of Android, which is considered the most advanced version of this smartphone operating system and platform yet. On the other hand, Intel and some of their partners started developing Android laptops with Atom processors.

Although it started its life as an smartphone operating system, Android gradually became the most widely used platform for tablets and other mobile devices, which makes it look ready to compete with Windows as an option for a desktop operating system. And when it comes to its extensive “ecosystem” of applications, its highly flexible interface and multitasking opportunities, Google’s open source operating system provides its customers with better options than the interface of Windows 8 provides them with.

More and more people today use their smartphones to acquire some information about the weather. Here we offer you a short list of some of the best and most used Weather Android applications you can use on your smartphone:

1Weather – one of the unique Google weather Android apps

Google Play offers great variety of weather applications, starting with WeatherPro, AccuWeather and many more. However, many of these applications are too complicate to works with, and their interface is not very pleasant. This once again depends on your personal taste and requirements, but still – there is one weather application that stands out from the rest. It is called 1Weather and is part of OneLouder Apps.

This weather application for Android has a simple but yet beautiful interface that makes the weather forecast appear and look more elegant and fun. One of its greatest advantages is the beautiful user interface, which combined with a powerful set of tools especially designed for weather reports, make the application literally a number one. And the best part is that 1Weather is free.

Yahoo Weather – Yahoo

Yahoo has also launched a new beautiful weather application for Android devices, which can be downloaded from the app store Google Play. Yahoo Weather gives you a great-looking and minimalistic view to the weather forecast, and also to many more details. We can’t miss to mention the fact that Yahoo also received an award for the design of the application. It earned numerous complements thanks to its attractive design. An essential element in it is the opportunity to download some photos from Flickr, which are automatically selected by the system and come from the region or city where the user is located at the time.

Yahoo Weather gives you the opportunity to check not only the weather forecast, but also wind speed, humidity levels, and many other features, which make it a clever choice for your smartphone. It also provides with you quite detailed information about the ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun, about the phases of the moon and has a 10-day forecast.

Weather – MacroPinch

Weather is an application that is extremely easy to use and that will always keep you informed about weather’s latest whims and change. The application is especially designed to be as useful and intuitive as possible. You can get the temperature outside right on your smartphone’s status bar with just one click.

Weather conditions are so well-animated that it is almost possible to feel them when seeing how the weather comes alive on your smartphone’s screen. The application uses the Weather Underground professional service, which takes some data, including real-time updates. It also supports geo-positioning, taking data from your current location. Another great advantage of Weather is the fact that it is actually one of the lightest and well-optimized weather apps in Google Play. It gives you hourly and weekly forecasts and it also supports the newest lock screen widgets of Android.


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