Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands Globally

We are living in tech savvy world nowadays and Laptop which was fulfiling human beings myriad needs now become an important part of our life.  So, how we can be careless before buying a laptop? I have seen many people who just buy the laptop without analyzing their needs, budget etc and after some time they think I should analyze this before buying Laptop.

The main question is how you will analyze and go for the brand? Because every day you hear that new Laptop is launched by company and more features etc and the list of branded laptop company is growing day by day which make confused a local buyer. My today’s article will help you to choose best laptop for you which will be quite suitable for your usage.

As different people have different thought and different purpose of buying laptop for instance business purpose need different laptop, person who like video games need different kind of Laptop. So, I have tried to give my best and listed the top 10 most popular laptop brands ever. Please don’t get confused with this list I have mentioned the brands bottom to top.

List of Most Popular Laptop Brands

10. ALIENWAREalinware laptopAre you hearing this laptop name first time? No wonder when I heard about it I also shocked is it a laptop brand because I never used it. Before writing this article I discuss with my social network friends and 3 of them were using this brand and help me to know more about which I am disclosing here with you.

Alienware is brand and offshoot of Dell, now it attracts your attention I know because Dell is also well known laptop brand. If you are video game lover and have to use laptop for multimedia purpose then it could be your first choice because when I was reading about it there are many more people who know about this brand and using with ease. Instead of this Alienware Laptop well known for its reasonable prices, best multimedia and gaming options all over the world. As Alienware is an offshoot of Dell and specially designed for gaming and multimedia users. So you can go for this brand without any doubt.

9. TOSHIBAtoshiba laptopUnfortunately customers globally are agree with that this Japanese Brand may not offer top notch functionality as other big brand is doing, instead of this it’s a popular brand because of its affordable price because most of the people looks for budget and suitable laptop for them and Toshiba fulfil their this need. As it’s in the list of popular laptop brands therefore always try to improve its functionality and launching new laptop time to time it’s new launched brand is “Toshiba Qosmio X870”. So if you have limited budget then you can go for this laptop.

8. ASUSASUS LaptopAsus is an Asian brand and mainly popular for its highly sophisticated hardware, quality display, innovative software, great gaming , user friendly & other multimedia options worldwide instead of this its offer different color of laptop at affordable price. Before buying this laptop please check its review via search engines as I have heard that its customers support are not so good.

7. ACERAcer laptopAcer the Taiwanese multi-national company is well known for its hardware, electronics, inexpensively targeted laptops and computer with good quality. If you are looking for the aesthetic and sophisticated tend must go with Acer laptops. Acer’s Aspire One series get huge success in the market. Acer produced laptop in 3 categories which are Ultra thin, Notebook & net books. If you reside in India I am sure you know about its notebook as it’s very much popular in India especially instead of this is also very popular among the students.

6. LENOVOlenovo laptopLenovo is a Chinese brand but it operates through the USA so don’t you worry about its quality.  From the past 20 years to now it churn out with good quality equipment & innovative features. Lenovo offers quality sound, touchpad, graphics and displays to its customer. They also classified their laptop in 3 groups same as Acer groups the groups are think pad, idea pad & essential.

5. HEWLETT PACKARD (HP)HP LaptopPeople take its name with proud and respect in the industry of laptop as Hewlett Packard (HP) earned the popularity from its customer’s loyalty on the basis of its better service and products globally. HP focusing more and more on its graphics sections and sound. The battery backup of HP is also very well known due to which it become more popular nowadays for instance you can check “HP folio 13 laptop” which gives 7 hours of battery backup with a single charge.

4. SAMSUNGSamSung LaptopSamSung its name is enough to trust on it as its offer varied electronic products & household products like mobile, camera& laptop as well. Being an old brand and known by every family it offer best notebooks for gaming which are slightly expensive. Well the great thing about SamSung laptop is that is prices are 4k to 5K lower than other branded laptop companies.

3. DELLDell LaptopDell does not require any introduction about the laptop as it’s very popular all over the world. It could be happen just because of their hard work to keep up with technology and to produce quality products to its customers globally. The best part of Dell laptop is that its offer facility to customize laptop to its customers.  You can elect the operative system of your choice, processor as well as accessories as per your need and preference.

2. Sonysony vaio laptopSony almost everyone knows its name as its offer electronic and household products same as SamSung and Sony also popular all over the world. When it comes to Sony laptop they win the reliance of their customer by producing high quality technology, durability, varied color of laptop to its customers. As Sony is brand to make different identity in laptop industry its added vaio next to his name and launched many laptops under Vaio name few popular brands are Sony Vaio W-series, TT-series, Z-series & SR- series and list is so on.

1. Appleapple laptop white & pinkI know you already expected this name for the 1st positionJ. Whenever people discussed about the high quality hardware, software & quality laptop people preferred Apple 1st that’s why it become no. 1 brand in the industry of laptop. The cons of Apple laptop is its price is very high due to which common man unable to buy it. Apple laptop offers unique feature which simply put it at 1st position. Whatever feature we say about apple is tremendous either its keyboard to touch pad, displays to design & life battery of Apple laptop is great.

Oops I forget to tell that this ranking of laptop is based on the sophistication of product, software & hardware, warrant assurance, reliability and comfort.  I hope this ranking will help you to choose the best laptop as per your need, budget and requirements. If you are a college student than you must visit my another article: Best Laptop for College Students on a Budget

At the end if you like this article or whatever laptop you have and what’s your experience is can share with us via post your comment in below comment section.

Note: If you are planning to buy laptop online then protect your financial details from scammers click here for online shopping tips

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