Tips On How To Compare Paper Shredders

When you are comparing paper shredders, you need to compare the various things like prices, sizes, and brands. Different features are there that will influence your selection of paper shredders such as the purpose of paper shredders like home or office, the shredding capacity per day, and your budget for buying the shredder.

Shredding Rate:

The first thing is to compare the shredding rate of different models. Some paper shredders have a powerful horsepower motor when compared to others, and this decides the speed of operation without any jam up. When the horsepower is higher, then the shredding process will be easier and faster. This operation is required in a paper shredder when you are going to use them in an office. In offices, you need to shred the papers faster and quicker to complete your other tasks.

Shredder Capacity:

The next factor is the shredder capacity. Check how many papers the shredder can handle at a time to shred them all into small pieces. Also, check the storage capacity of the waste bin to store the shredded wastes. In case of a home shredder, you don’t require the higher shredding capacity, as you will shred mostly 6 to 7 sheets at a time. For home use you can buy a good paper shredder under $100. But for an office shredder, the capacity needed is more and you need to shred up to 10 to 12 sheets at a time. Check this capacity of a paper shredder based on your needs.

Shredder Size:

Compare the various models of paper shredders available in the market to find the best one which is not too small or too large. Some shredders don’t come with a garbage bin, while other shredders come with their built-in waste bins. Depending on this garbage bin design, the paper shredder varies in size. Check the space that you have for a paper shredder and based on this space, buy the right paper shredder. You can also get the paper shredder to sit on your working desk and that should be a medium-sized paper shredder.

Shredder Cut And Security:

Check out the security level of a paper shredder. Crosscut shredders are best in cutting the papers or sheets into small confetti squares and that square pieces are impossible to reconstruct again. Straight cut shredders are designed to cut the documents into strips. This type is enough to destroy your sensitive documents and it is cheaper too.

Extra Features:

Modern technology has enabled several new features in a paper shredder, which you should check and buy. Some of the advanced features are safety features, a reverse button to clear sheet jams, the capacity to shred other things than papers like credit cards, compact disks, etc, and an alert to notify you about paper jams. Even some shredder comes with an option to alert you in case of overloading.

The above factors are essential to compare the different paper shredders available on the market. Thus, the article finds to be helpful for those looking for the best paper shredder for your home or office.