SEO Guide For Beginners

Welcome to Speaking Technically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) beginner guide section. This page is specially made for those people who want to learn SEO step by step & New to SEO. As SEO is a broad and it has no end to learn and nobody is expert in it but it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn SEO. By learning I mean to say changes and updates of Google which nobody knows when and what update Google made. Google make changes in algorithm every year and make changes time to time to make better there results but the question is how your website can be view in Google search result.SEO Beginners GuideAs I said Google made change time to time but it has few basic seo steps which I am going to share with you because basic never change.  By learning these basic steps of SEO you could be able to handle or promote your website yourself.

May be there are several online seo guides available but everyone has its own thought and experience but I am sure you will happy to stay with this seo guide because its cost nothing just your little time to learn these quick step day by day.

I already stated above that SEO is broad so it’s not possible to share all the details here on single page and may be you feel bored to see the long article that’s why for your help I have split it section wise and I will recommend to you please go step by step and read all the articles to learn SEO basic properly.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Why Does My Website Need SEO?  
Can I do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myself?
On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization
SEO in 2014 Complete Guide


Keep in touch with this guide as we are updating it time to time. So that, it become more useful for you. If you want to be SEO Pro then please go for this book which is available in Rs. 249 only.Buy SEO Book in Just Rs.249

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