Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers Invalid Clicks

We all know that sharing is caring and that’s why I have started Speaking Technically in today’s article I am going to discuss about click bombing or invalid clicks. If you are a blogger and using google adsense account then it is something you should know about that. We all know how difficult to create a approved Google Adsense account but due to some invalid clicks from your competitor or person who don’t want to earn you more money can use such shit activity to banned your account. If you found that your page click through rate (CTR) is increasing rapidly due to your normal rate, likely you are being attached by someone for Click Bombing. As big G is very strict and quickly react on such activity and can disable your account due to these invalid clicks and you will loss the money which you have earned so far.

I am sure nobody wants to be victim of this but how you can protect your adsense account from click bombing? And what it is? to know all every possible things about click bombing read below, I have split the article section wise like What is Click Bombing, What to If you suspect click bombing, how to find someone is booming my account and more.

What is Click Bombing?

As said above in the begining of article invalid clicks are known as Click Bombing but which are the Invalid clicks? When your adsense ads get too much clicks compare to normal then we can say these are invalid clicks. It may be easily understand with an example suppose a malicious user visit your website and click any on your ads 10,20 or 100 times – it’s called Click Bombing.

Why People Use Click Bombing?

The answer of this question is pretty easy to get banned your adsense account. The motto of these malicious users is to send tons of invalid clicks and hoping Google to get banned your account. Unfortunately if you have a low traffic blog, then it become easier banned your account for these click bombers.  It is one the worst case scenario.

For few bloggers, they suspect there competitors or rivals for click bombing and some time they may be right because as your blog becoming popular then there are more chances to increase the list of rivals.

Well it’s another thing the fact is that Google is very serious about the invalid clicks. The most common happening with the new blogger they don’t read google adsense privacy policy and without knowing the guidelines they click themselves multiple times on ads or ask others to click as for them. They think they are making fool Google but we should agree that Google is more smart then us. They can detect it very easily and there is no faster way to get your account banned.

The most common happening by the new blogger is that they don’t read google guidelines, privacy policy and click on their own ads or ask others to click on their ads and some time it is noticed that people try to make fool Google and that’s why ask others to click on their ads but we all should agree that Google is more smarter than us and he easily detect these clicks and banned your account as soon as they can. So for new blogger don’t become the Click bomber for yourself and Never EVER click on your own ads.

Have I Ever Faced Click Bomed Issue?

Personally I never had any kind of “click bomb” in my account. I am using adsense from a long time and never face this issue so far and it doesn’t mean it will never happen to me and to be very honest, I fear from this and don’t want to happen it with me or someone else. Fortunately there are few interferences to protect our adsense account.

What to If Suspect Click Bombing Issue?

May be you are thinking I never face this problem then how can I write on this topic but thanks we have google I read several articles on this topic and fixed my own thought in it and try to explain it to you in easy way.

So, here I am if ever you suspect that you are getting too much clicks on your ads or predict someone is giving click bombing for you, without doing any delay report it to Google Adsense team immediately by electing subject line “Reporting Unusual Activity on My Account” Google adsense has an official “Invalid Clicks Contact Form” which you can use to report. After submitting the request Google will contact you once only Google suspect your account with any significant issue.

Another step you need to removed the adsense ads which is use by the click bombers temporarily until the issue get resolved.

How to Detect Click Bombers?

Click BombingSo far we understand what to if suspect that our website is encountered by the click bombers but another question is how we can detect these click bombers? So below I have highlighted few points which will help you to track click bombing.

Google Analytics: It’s one of the popular and important tool for the webmasters and the great thing about that its cost free for its users. With the help of the tool you can trace the visitors location and what activity they done. You can also find the IP address of illegal clickers and can ban them immediately. I never personally use it but found it on an article and sharing it with you because it’s also handy free service for webmasters to trace PPC ads, Google Adsense. You just need to place the JavaScript code to start tracking with real time stats.

How to Restrict Who Sees Ads

If you are using wordpress then a good news for you because you can manage and control your ads with wordpress plugin namely  “Who Sees Ads”.  It allows you to who will see your ads with different conditions, such as display ads for visitors from search engines, hide ads from those visitors who have more ad impression.

Who See My AdsAs its not updated so you may find more updated version of the plugin, just try to search it plugin and I am dam sure you will find the best one for you. As I have not used this plugin so can’t recommend for this so try yourself once also.

Few More Facts to Be Aware from Click Bombing

As per my personal experience I never heard about Click Bombing from any of my friends or myself as well. So my guess is that it’s pretty rare out of the millions of Google Adsense users. If ever you have such issue please keep remember these tips and also follow these tips it will surely help you somewhere.

Don’t Use Adsense for Low Traffic Blogs: As I said above that it become much easier for the click bombers to get banned low traffic blogs/websites. As high traffic blogs makes a lot of money from adsense, so click bombers can’t affect their account because they are used to having tons of clicks instead if your blog have traffic and get tons of clicks there are more chances to get banned.

Don’t share anything about your ads with anyone: As I read a lovely story there were a brother and sister and brother tells her sister about the ads and process and her sister click more and more on his ads to make richer his bro in less time but she was not aware about the google guidelines. Unfortunately her brother’s account gets banned.  As the sisters intention was not bad but there are some guidelines & rule of google which everyone has to follow.

Conclusion of Article

As said in above statement that Google is very serious about the invalid or fraud clicks, So keep routine check your Adsense stats. So that, you can ever find click bombing issue can take necessary action immediately. Instead of this, someone can grad your Adsense published ID and place the ads here and there on multiple sites. So that, you can’t track there IP, So you need to enable the “Allowed Sites” option under the Adsense Setup tab that only the URLs you specify can display ads, if anyone click on the ads on the sites which is not listed in your list in Google Adsense account it will not increase your revenue, advertisers won’t be charged, impression and clicks won’t be recorded and you will not encounter by the click bombers trick.

As I never suffered any Click Bombing problem but if you ever can share your experience or story in the comment section. If I missed anything also can let me know I will surely update it.

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