Latest Off-Page Optimization Techniques in SEO

On-Page & Off-page SEO both activities are important to promote a website as I have discussed about the on-page optimization techniques in previous article. So, my today’s post is based on off-page techniques in SEO. I have explained almost every seo off page activity either it’s done by me or not for this blog. As this post is the part of “SEO Guide for Beginners” but SEO become change with the passage of time that’s why I have enlisted basics and advanced off-page techniques in my off-page checklist. As my main intention to help you via my posts so I have tried to write this post for beginners and experienced SEO’s.

What is Off-Page Optimization?
Search Engine optimization traditionally divided into two parts and both the parts are important to promote any website in major search engines the two major parts of SEO are On-Page optimization & Off-page optimization. In SEO, off-page optimization is the process of optimizing or promoting your website or web pages outside your website which includes article, directory, social bookmarking submission & link building etc.
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If you understand what is off-page optimization than off course want to know what includes in off-page activity. I have enlisted my SEO off-page optimization checklist for page optimization technique checklist image

SEO Off-Page Optimization Checklist/Elements

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article
  • Directory
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Building
  • Press Release Submission
  • Classified Ad
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Promotion
  • Local Listing
  • Document Sharing
  • Answers & Questions
  • RSS Feed Submission

Search Engine Submission:
Few webmasters ignore this step may be they have own reason but I recommend if you are newbie or experienced if you get a new website you must submit it to popular search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Altavista and many more. Either you submit your website in search engines or not your website will get index for sure if you are optimizing it but via SE submission your work become easier.

The best part of Search Engine Submission is its totally free, now you have another best reason to submit your website in search engines directly :-).

People think that doing article submission is the part of off-page optimization but it’s not full true if you are an SEO it’s your responsibility to create article yourself if you have hired someone for writing work than you must consult with your SEO because they are optimizing your website and they know what kind of article topics can be beneficial for your website. So, we can say Creating of article title & articles is also important part of SEO off page optimization as we all do submit so don’t need to explain more about it I assume that you already read several articles on it.

Directory Submission:
After so many updates by Google people think that directory submission is no more worthful in SEO but as per my own experience it’s still worthful. Why I say so? Doing directory submission is based on us and what kind of directory we have collected to submit and proper category for our website. No, doubts quality directories are less and they take time in approval but if we are looking for long term benefits so we should try this also. It would be great if you made list of general and niche directories for your submission as it become helpful for you in near future few popular directories where you can submit your directories are DMOZ, ZoomInfo, One Mission, Yahoo Directory, Pegaus etc. If you can afford the paid directory can proceed otherwise ignore it and submit your website to free directory list.

Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites
Social networking and bookmarking are also very important part of off-page optimization and play a vital role to boost your rank in search engines. As most people don’t know how to use it and they just spam it so it would be great for you if you use proper hash tags in social networking and bookmarking sites to promote your website you can read more about the has tags via click below topic.
How do I use Hash Tags (#) in social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter & Google+ Etc.

Link Building
Building links for your website is most important part that’s why I have split it 3 parts for you here they are link baiting, cross linking & link exchange.
(I)Link Baiting: If you have copied and published content of other website news, article or information don’t forget to place link for them and this activity called link baiting.
(II)Cross Linking: Cross linking or internal linking both are the same thing because we place our own website link in the content of body. The best example of it Wikipedia as much as related and informative cross linking you have it will benefit your website rank.
(III)Link Exchange: Exchanging link with similar business website is another popular way it’s also known as thematic link building as you getting link from same industry website its boost your website rank.

Press Release Submission
If you are business or service provider then press release submission is really very helpful for your online business and website you can try some popular PR submission sites like, PRleap & openpr etc.

Classified Ad
Classified sites are not an ideal method of long term link building but if you want some instant results or want to sale your service or product than it could be best practice for you.

Blog Commenting
Most of the website owner use nofollow attribute in there comment section but fortunately if you are regular reader of any blog they will allow you dofollow link. So find your industry relevant blogs and start commenting.

Forum Posting
Most of the forum sites allow link in signature sections it also helps to get visitors and some point it build other trust on your website which help to increase SERP.

Photo Sharing
Well content is king no doubt but image help to attract your visitors few popular image sharing sites: &

Video Promotion
Some time people feel bored to read content too much and that’s why they prefer you can also promote your product service via video promotion YouTube, DailyMotion & Metacafe are few popular names in video promotion website.

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Local Listing
It’s good if you are promoting your website globally but nowadays google more prefer to local results so submit your website to local search engines and popular portal or website which are well known in your area. You can also submit your website in Google Maps, Yahoo Local & Yellow pages etc.

Document Sharing
Document sharing is another way to promote your website and is best example of it. So browse it and try yourself :-).

Answers & Questions
Participating in websites where people ask questions and answers is another way to get some traffic and good way to getting backlinks you can try & Yahoo Answering.

RSS Feed Submission
There are many popular website which can create free RSS feed for you and then you can submit it to RSS feed which will help to rank your website instead of this you will get good number of visitors and may be they can subscribe you via your feed.

At the end I will say may be you know some of them or don’t aware about few points but the main thing is that using of all these techniques because sometime people aware about the technique but they just spam and don’t get benefit from it. So be careful to use all these techniques and if you have something to update in it please let me know via your comment or email I will do the needful.

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