In Car PCs Can Keep Staff Productive Outside the Office

CAR PCIf you are a firm with staff that spend a proportion of their working week on the road, you will already know that keeping them productive can be a problem. Even with the use of a Smartphone, keeping them fully apprised of what is going on is a challenge. There is only so much data that can be displayed on a Smartphone screen. This limits how much information can be picked up and dealt with whilst on the road.

In Car PCs Can Also Improve the Productivity of Those Back at Base

The other problem is that Smartphones use a different operating system from that used in the office. There is no way for staff on the road to interface with the company’s core systems. This means that sales personnel usually have to wait to record their sales until they get back in the office. It also means that the staff back at base cannot get started on fulfilling that order.

Thanks to the team at In Car PC, it is now possible for staff who are on the road to access their office computer, using Remote Desktop. It is even possible to connect that in car PC to the internet, so staff can be fully connected whilst on the road. Between meetings, they can do research, answer emails, work on reports and do so quickly and efficiently. Firms who take advantage of this type of technology are the ones who end up with dynamic and productive teams.

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