How to run a solid Facebook marketing campaign?

Facebook was first designed as a platform connecting people all over the world. Listen to Pink Floyd while living in India, where most people don’t know what it is? Meet Mr. XYZ from New York, who is as big a fan of the band as yourself!

In a similar fashion, different platforms were created year after year, aiming something quite similar, if not the exact copy. MySpace, Tumblr, Flickr, Dribble, Yummi, and many more are examples of platforms created to connect. So, why is it that Facebook remains the top social media platform, whereas you may have never heard about the others that were created after it?


One of the biggest reasons why Facebook is still the greatest online platform is because the creators never stopped innovating after creating the initial website. Facebook never stopped investing in creating newer features to enhance the experience of the users. Slowly, Facebook moved from its status as a website for leisure and became a market place, a tool for businesses, brands and professionals to expand their audience base.

In this piece, we will discuss how you can run a solid Facebook marketing campaign to reach a wider, more refined audience for the growth of your business/brand.

#1 Do Your Research

Before you start a Facebook marketing campaign, or any marketing campaign for that matter, you must do a thorough analysis of the market you should be targeting. Different products, services serve people from different demographics. Thus, each product or service requires a different approach.

These are things that must be decided before you start your marketing campaign. You should have a clear idea about the people you wish your add should reach, the age group of the people you wish to target and also, the geography, how far or how near you’d be providing your products/services.

#2 Choose Your Audience Carefully

Once you start creating your marketing campaign, you’ll reach the part where you’ll have to choose your target audience. If you’ve done your research thoroughly, then this step becomes rather easy.

All you’ll have to do is type in the demographic factors you’ve listed down. If you’re directly starting the marketing campaign, then this step will take longer as you’ll have to filter down people category by category. This becomes bothersome, so we suggest you do your research well.

#3 Create Engaging and Unique Creatives

In this last step, we urge you to create an image and a caption that is both unique and suits the style and needs of your marketing campaign. For example, if you’re starting a tuition centre and wish to run a marketing campaign, create an attractive ad image and content for the ad.

This will help you convert visitors as your content will be bound to catch their eyes,

Using these three hacks, you will successfully create a marketing campaign that will lead to high rates of growth,

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed 3 tips through which you can run a solid Facebook marketing campaign. A beginner can often falter when trying to run a campaign for the first time. This is where a digital marketing institute likeKapil Heera Acadeymy can help. Students need to take up digital marketing training to learn the ins-and-outs of online marketing and Kapil Heera Acadeymy stands apart.