How to Choose Good Domain Name for Your Website or Blog?

Choosing a best domain name is not an easy task it take time and little hard work from you. I have seen people they just choose a random domain name and later change it. Few of my friends and clients ask from me about how to choose a good domain name related to their business. I believe no one can suggest you best domain name related to your product or service if you did it in right because nobody knows what your purpose is to elect a domain name.

I have shared the few ideas to choose the best domain name which really works and at the end of the post you will find that now you can choose good domain name yourself.

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how to choose good domain name
1. Opt Out Top Keywords
Let start it with keyword first find out the 5-10 top keywords related to your industry niche. Once you get the list now you start adding suffixes & prefixes to get the best one.  You can use your brand name as prefixes in your keywords for instance I have given idea to my client his keyword was “brushes” I advise him to add his brand name as prefixes now he get the domain of his choice “” client pay me for this name because he like it too much. You can also take help of free tool for the domain selection like, & etc these tool can be helpful for you but you have to little creative while choosing the domain name for you because you have to use prefixes & suffixes :-).

2. Go with .com
Why to go with (dot)com domain?  Because it’s ideal domain name and most of people are very familiar with the .com extension domain and it can help you to generate massive traffic over the other extension domains.

3. Short & Sweet Name
Try to find short domain name because it’s easy to type and easy to remember in conclusion shorter the better :-).

4. Easy to Remember
Pick the name which can be easy to remember for common people or your industry people because if they found interesting or informative your website or blog they surely want to visit it again but if they don’t remember the name of your blog or website then how they can back? For example you can take my domain name “Speaking Technically” it’s very easy to remember and people can easily type this name in there browsers address bar.

5. Easy to Spell & Say
It is similar to step 5 the purpose of most of the domain name is to passed easily to other by you or your friends. Your name should be easy to spell & easy to say, So that, people don’t have to think about your domain name and spelling. So make it as simple as possible.

6. Fulfill Expectations from Your Domain
Whenever someone hears about your domain name they instantly think what kind of content they are going to read on your web blog. It’s very important to keep your domain name according to your niche as mine is Speaking and I discussed about technology, blogging and many more thing on it. Well there is many more example of good domain name like which I personally like some of them are:,,, & many more.

7.  Avoid Hyphens and Numbers
Don’t use hyphens and numeric value domain name just for keyword reach domain name I have seen few webmasters choose keyword reach domain via including hyphens and think will get benefit from it but they don’t anything. For example if I say someone hi I am from it looks very awkward and it can’t be my brand name. In some cases can use numeric value like as its search by many people and keyword reach domain but still I recommend to avoid hyphens and numbers.

8. Avoid Copyright Infraction
It’s very important while picking a domain name, please make sure that you are not infraction any copyright policies. To be sure you are not violating any copyright violation with your domain name visit before buy.

Hope you enjoy my today’s article if I miss something important which I should include in it please don’t hesitate it to share with me and my readers. I will update it in my list or intact as it is in comment section you can also rate this article and don’t forget to leave your feedback via your valuable comments.

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