Got Unnatural Outbound Links Penalty Email: How to Fix Up This Issue

Google PenaltyI hope most of my readers check their WMT time to time as I also do the same and specially check my Webmaster Tool whenever big G make any updates. Any how I was escaping from Google penalties from a long time as I was following google guidelines properly but nobody is sure what google exactly want and finally I also got an email from Google regarding Unnatural outbound links. As I am earning decent money from my blog and getting good number of visitors, so can’t be loose on this and takes immediate action on it.


I have pasted the screen shot of what type of email Google sending to its users and hope it may look like this:Unnatural Outbound Link Message Screen Shot

Why Your Website/Blog Got Penalized

If you got similar email then you must be curious to know why your website got penalized and what to do to fix up this issue? As per my personal experience its happened just because you have so many paid links on your website or blog and forgot to use nofollow attribute for those links most likely irrelevant to your sites. Hope you got the answer what you have to do if no I am here to explain it to you. So first of all make list of all those links which are paid and irrelevant to your audience. Once you made the list of the links please use rel=“nofollow” for all those links and the great thing is that this list will help you lot when you submit the reconsideration request to Google.

How to Submit Reconsideration Request

Hmm if you all set and use the nofollow attribute for your external and paid links you are ready to submit reconsideration request to Google. I am going to tell you this step by step:

  • You can submit request simply by clicking the reconsideration request in your message box
  • Once you click on the link you will redirect to new tab where you can see “Matt Cuts” video “If your site doesn’t appear in search results
  • You can get some information and tips from this video as well at the bottom of this page you will find “Request reconsideration of your site once again don’t think click on it.
  • Again you will redirect to new page where you can see this message “Check your site for manual actions” if you have added multiple websites in your google webmaster tool then choose the one for which you want to submit reconsideration request after selecting website click on red color tab button  “Check Manual Actions”.
  • Another new window  you will see the reason and just below that can see Request a Review  button click on it.

Hello Guys,

I have received an email from you as on (date) about a penatly for unnatural outbound links. We have review our website and nofollowed all the suspicious outbound links as per our best knowledge. I have pasted all the links manually you can view them:

(Paste all the links which you listed)

Please review my website once again and remove the penalty as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

Your Name

Confirmation from Google

Once you submit the reconsideration request, how you can confirm that is submitted or not don’t submit request again and again after submitting request once please wait for 24 hours some time Google send confirmation email in few hours and some time it takes around 24 hours, Once you receive a confirmation that your reconsideration request received for website. You can expect a verdict from Google in a week or so on.

Confirmation email should look likeReconsideration Confirmatin EmailHope after follow all this process Google will lift the penalty form your site and you can expect earning from you website once again. As no one is perfect but we should share our knowledge to because Mom tell’s me Sharing is Caring :). If any of you have any suggestion can share in comment box.

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