Features to watch out in cordless drills

Cordless drills are power drills without attached power cords, which are used to drill holes or attach screws on wood, concrete, and other solid surfaces. Cordless drills can be used for a number of DIY home improvement projects such as assembling furniture, drilling holes on walls, building decks, etc. The first cordless drill in the world was manufactured by Black and Decker company in the year 1961.

There is a plethora of cordless drills of various types by different brands, which confuses the minds of first-time buyers. Some of the features that one should look for in cordless drills to land a good tool have been mentioned here.

Voltage rating

The voltage of the cordless drill determines its power. More is the voltage; greater will be the power of the drill. Cordless drills that require batteries of 6V to 12V are suitable for low scale household tasks. Medium duty cordless drills use batteries of 18V. These drills are suitable for drilling and driving screws on all kinds of surfaces except very hard surfaces. Heavy-duty cordless drills require 24V to 36V batteries. Such drills are required for drilling and driving screws on very hard surfaces and are suited for large scale construction projects.

For DIY projects and everyday home use, medium-duty cordless drills having 18V batteries are suitable.

Speed settings

Cordless drills having multiple speed settings are suitable options. The speed settings can be two or three. The speed settings can be labeled high or low or numbered 1 and 2 and so on. Multiple speed settings impart a lot of flexibility to your work. Higher speed enables easy drilling into even very tough surfaces. Low-speed settings are suited for driving screws into dense or delicate materials because even though the speed of the drill is lowered, the torque is not affected.

Torque rating

Torque is the twisting force that causes the drill to rotate. It is measured in Newton-metres. Torque ratings of the cordless drills are also important. For drilling and driving on wood, plastic, and other soft surfaces, any cordless drill with moderate torque is sufficient. But for drilling and driving on hard surfaces such as concrete or metal, a cordless drill having a high torque rating is required.


Cordless drills having brushless motors are recommended by experts in the field of power tools. This is because friction and voltage drop, which adversely affect the life of the drill is not associated with the brushless motor. Furthermore, the brushless motor also adapts according to the level of work required. This means it will draw more power when a heavy-duty task is being performed and draw less power for light tasks that prevent unnecessary use of battery power.

Charge indicator

Cordless drill having a charge indicator is a good option. The charge indicator light lets you know when the battery is low. The absence of an indicator means that the drill can abruptly stop working as soon as the battery dies without any warning to the user.

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