Discussing the Top 5 Translation Apps for Android

best-android-appsWhen you decide to go on vacation to a country where the mother tongue is not English, there are many ways that you can get the language translated. Android has offered you the chance to make use of a number of translation apps where you can easily translate what you want, when you want to. Android has been offering some of the best translation apps so that you are not stranded alone in an unknown country. Here are the top 5 translation apps.

Google Translate – Standing at number 1, Google Translate is one of the best options when it comes to translating. Allowing you to type as well as speak words, currently, 64 languages are offered in the app. The app is free of charge while it requires Android 1.5+. Features include history and starred translation, SMS translation, a rich dictionary, voice recognition and auto complete. Android users can also use the data offline.

Word Lens – This Android App offers you the opportunity to see the world in your language. Word Lens has the capability to instantly translate printed words by simply using the device’s built in camera in real time. However, language packs must be purchased separately from within the app itself. Unlike Google Translate, it does not speak out loud.

AllTranslate – With the ability to translate over 30 languages, AllTranslate is a professional translation app that can be downloaded for free through Google Play. You have the ability not only to write or speak single words but also to use whole sentences. There are a number of benefits of the AllTranslate app which includes sending the translated text directly to WhatsApp, Friend Stream or use it for emails or messages, listen to newspaper articles by using the same languages, real time translation processing, rich dictionary, TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice output of translation, dictate and write messages etc. However, you will require an internet connection for this app.

Jibbigo Translator – This is a speech-to-speech translation app that can be used by Android devices. This app is known as the best app for International travel while it is free to download. There are offline language packs that you can purchase. The free online version of Jibbigo requires a network connection while you can download the offline version through an in-app purchase. The plus point in purchasing the offline app is that it does not cost you roaming or data fees and also does not transmit your information to remote servers either. Therefore it is the ideal app for travelling purposes.
VerbalizeIt – Allowing you to connect with a unique translator community, VerbalizeIt is available 24/7 while you are directly connected to a human translator to ensure that language is certainly not a barrier. Language translation is just a phone call away when you use this smart app. There are a number of benefits that the app offers which includes a 100% transparent process, safe and secure process, cost effective, exceptional support as well as a strong community of translating experts.

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