Diploma in Information Technology Course details – A Quick Guide

Information technology is a part of the Information and communication technology referred to as ICT. Information Technology or IT actually deals with the process of using the computers to store, receive, transmit as well as share data. It goes without saying that it is a very important element of a business and all other areas in the market. Information technology is a vast field that necessitates the use of hardware, software, telecom, electronics, internet etc in tandem in order to cater to th technological needs of the different types of organizations. Diploma in IT s an undergraduate program that prepares the students for the same.

Diploma in IT course details

The syllabus for the diploma course in IT that is being followed by the top colleges and universities in India include

  • Applied mathematics
  • Applied physics
  • Applied chemistry
  • English and communication skills
  • Engineering drawing
  • Basics of information technology
  • Computer programming using C
  • SAD or system Analysis and design
  • Application of multimedia
  • Ecology and environment awareness camp
  • Computer workshop
  • Workshop practice.
  • Digital electronics

Top colleges for studying information technology in India

The top colleges you should try and get admitted into in order to gain in-depth knowledge in Information technology computer courses and improve the chances of having a successful career include

  • Central College of information technology, Raipur
  • Indira Gandhi National open university –IGNOU, Delhi
  • Advance Institute of Business Management- AIBM, Faridabad
  • Aditya Institute of Technology, Delhi.

However, there are also other colleges that are as good as these in different states in North and south India that can offer the knowledge required to shine in the field if only the student is prepared to take the course seriously and direct his efforts towards gaining the in-depth knowledge.

Benefits of the course

The  course is beneficial for

  • Getting placed in a wide range of jobs that include marketing, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, security management, supply and trading and much more.
  • The diploma course serves as a foundation for taking up a masters program in the same field.
  • It is helpful to get job opportunities within and outside India. The areas of employment are quite wide and go on to include
    • Teaching jobs in colleges and universities
    • Marketing and technical jobs in the communications and electronics industry
    • Job as a mainframe developer
    • Training coordinator
    • Placement officer
    • Technical consultant
    • Quality inspector
    • Information systems manager
    • IT wing of the bank or financial institutions
    • Supervisor in a manufacturing unit and much more.

Diploma in IT is bound to be helpful in increasing the knowledge and skill levels in computing and telecommunication which accounts for the wide range of career opportunities that are available.

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