Better Title Or Salary Hike: What Should You Offer When?

Even though finding that perfect candidate for the job position is tough, however, sometimes you do get lucky and end up finding that purple squirrel for real. You are jumping with joy for finding the candidate and are about to extend him an offer letter but then you get to know they are not happy with the offer or have some other better opportunity in hand.

What do you do in this situation? Let such a candidate slip off your hands this easily or make an effort to join your company ultimately?

If you are the stubborn one, this blog is for you. Read to know the ways to ascertain what can make the candidate come back or stick to you.

When should you offer a position?

It is very important to understand exactly what the candidate is looking for and you will be able to understand what you should offer them. Offering them a higher position with a team under them and more responsibilities than the previous role can work when the employee already earns a handsome salary. You can also consider the marital status or family background. Both of them tell a lot about the priorities of the employees. If the parents are retired, the candidate has a child or a housewife, money automatically becomes the priority for them. However, if the candidate, unmarried, driven and ambitious, he has fewer responsibilities on his shoulder, he is more likely to take up the new role and compromise on the salary part.

When should you offer great salary hike?
Try to ascertain what the candidate is more interested in? There are high chances for a person with 0-3 years of experience to be valuing money more than a position. Such candidates are also the one who are looking to learn while they earn. So, the only way to make such candidates join you is a good hike on their salary. However, if you are really tight on budget, you can tell them that you will help them learn and polish their skills. Tell them about the veterans in your company they will work with. When they will understand that you are willing to conduct workshops, send them to seminars, and buy courses for them to learn a new trending skill in their job profile, they are more likely to join your company.

What else can you do?
If neither salary nor a better job title makes the ball come to your court, you should not lose hope. You must try to tell them precisely why your company is better than all of the other companies. If the company is a known name, use that. Besides, you should talk about the perks and policies, show them how much you care about the employees

In case you still weren’t able to get the candidate on board, you can simply search “HRMS software India”, take some demos and invest in one of the software that suits your budget and company. Make sure the HRMS you choose has a great recruitment management software module. When you start using it, you will be able to source the best candidates according to your requirements, using which you will be able to source candidates quickly.

We understand how bad it is to start searching for a new candidate when it was about to close, but, sometimes the candidate refuses to even the best you offer. So, try using the HRMS software in India and we are sure you would absolutely like it.

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