Best Laptop for College Students on a Budget 2014

No doubt laptops become very popular in last few years and as well as part of human life and also becoming popular in students of college. They preferred study over laptop in comparison of desktop. The best part of laptop which I also like is that you are not restricted to a place, in fact you can do your work while you are moving around or anywhere else at your, home office or college your work or study will not suffer.

As students have to use laptop in college & at home that’s why they need laptop or can say it’s their awful need to keep their work with themselves, So that, whenever it’s required they can update their database and can access their stored information from anywhere to make necessary changes. As there is many stream students and have different projects so every student need different kind of laptop and required some extra specifications according to their needs.

Unfortunately students can’t go with any random laptop because they have limited budget to invest in laptop and have to be extra careful before buying laptop. If you are reading this article it means you are also from those students who are confused in buying laptop for themselves and it’s good to read such kind of article before buying any laptop you shouldn’t shy on this because you are going to invest your money on laptop on which your career could be based. So it’s good practice read articles and take suggestion of friends and then conclude yourself which one is best for you. I am sure after reading this article you will be able to take decision which laptop is best for you because I have enlisted the top 10 best laptops for college students.

10. Asus Zen book UX31EAsus Zen book UX31E  laptop

Asus is popular in students because of its reasonable prices and quality products. Zen Book UX31E is latest model of Asus and it’s featured with heavy processor, light weight and it’s very slim instead of this audio system which installed in Asus Zen book UX31E is heavy and it can enhance the savour of movies and songs which you are watching or listening.  Asus is very popular in students across the world because of its affordable prices.

9. Acer S-3Acer S-3 laptop

Acer S-3 is specially designed for the college students as Acer is house of best computer in the world and now considered as one of the best laptop brands as well. So it’s an advantage for Acer because it leave good impact over students. Acer S-3 featured with light weight machine, high resolution display, amazing graphic & sound card which is a thrilling experience for the college students.

8. Acer Aspire 5334Acer Aspire 5334

Again Acer but this time it’s another model which Acer Aspire 5334 which is a large screened laptop that has been liked by college students across the world and that’s the reason it get listed again in this list :-). The best part of this laptop is its long battery backup, durable, HD display & heavy sound system all these features made Acer Aspire 5334 something special which attract college students for this laptop.

 7. Hewlett Packard (HP) Pavilion DV6-6116NRHP Pavilion DV6-6116NR

In the industry of laptop HP is well known brand all over the world. As few students demand unlimited to use of laptop and HP Pavilion DV6-6116NR fullfil their need. It has large screen same as Acer and its loaded with heavy sound system and graphics.  HP Pavilion is popular because of its cooling capacity & turbo plus processor which give thrilling use of machine. If you are looking for best laptop machine?  Than it could be your first choice.

 6. Dell N-seriesDell N-series laptop

Almost everyone knows about this popular brand of laptop and Dell’s N-series is designed especially for the students. Dell is well known for the temperate zones of the world. This N-series of Dell is very simple with reasonable battery time and It featured with almost every possible facility which is required by most of the college students.  Students who have very low budget and need high quality and branded laptop than you should go for the Dell’s N-series laptop.

5. HP DV6-6150USHP DV6-6150US Laptop

Why HP again in the list? Well the answer is quite it just because of HP DV6. It has around 6 hours of battery backup and large screened laptop. If you want exciting experience of games and movies than HP DV6-6150US is good for your because it featured with heavy sound card and NVIDIa graphic card which will enhance your game and movies experience.


4. Apple Mac Pro MD 318ll-AApple Mac Pro MD 318ll-A laptop

When it comes to laptop Apple don’t required any introduction. Apple launched its Mac Pro MD 318II-A especially for the college students which has 1.5 inch of display screen of the machine which make your image and videos experience great. While you are working its heavy storage memory and RAM are compatible enough to give stunning speed. Without any doubt Apple Mac is being considered as one of main choice of the college students in the year 2014.

 3. Toshiba Protégé R835Toshiba Protégé R835 laptop

Toshiba is Japan based company and famous because of its electronic appliances. Toshiba Protégé R835 having something special because it’s required by globally from students. You can buy this brand because of its reliability, long battery life & speed.

 2. Apple Air MC968Apple Air MC968 laptop

I am sure you don’t have doubt if Apple is listed again in the listJ. This model of Apple can be said music edition of the Apple Mac Book Pro. Apple Air MC968 is featured with HD display, heavy graphic card and sound card which add a lot to savour of game, songs and movies.  It is more in demanded by the student community globally.

1. Lenovo Ideapad U410Lenovo Ideapad U410 laptop copy

Last but not the list Lenovo’s Ideapad U410. Lenovo is also most expensive and reliable laptop brands of the world. Lenovo producing laptop from very long time and can earn its good name because of quality products. If you want to exciting experience of work and fun together on a same laptop then Lenovo’s Core i7 series is especially designed for you. Lenove could be your best choice because its affordable price, HD displays,  1 TB of Hard Disk & GBs of RAM. All these features and price make Lenovo top at in the list of best laptop for college students.

If you think I missed any laptop which is demanding by many students can let me know via your comments. So that, others can view it or if you want to me to add it in list I will surely will do it once get your email.

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