5 biggest problems with Apple App Store

Apple has progressed by leaps and bounds during the recent years and Steve Jobs has been able to drive it toward the heights of eminence. He has launched various versions of iPhones from time to time. He has also allowed his clients to use apps from Apple App Store. Anyhow, some people find problems when they use the apps from app store or when they use their iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Although the problems do arise in the execution of apps and the functionality of the hardware of the iPhones, yet the solutions are not a far cry; they are ready for people. Users find many problems when they are using the app store. Sometimes, these problems are genuine while, on other times, they are simply due to the lack of knowledge of the user or because of the hardware issues.
Apple App Store
Although Apple was able to sell 5 million units in just 3 days after its launch of iPhone 5, yet the flaws in the phone and the App Store can not be defended. Users have reported these flaws from time to time on different forums and now critics have pointed out that the flaws should be fixed in hardware and software so as to bring an iPhone and App Store in the market that is worth appreciation and worth their money.
Here are the 5 biggest problems with the iPhone and App store and Apple has to get them fixed before it can boast of making progress or serving the world.

1.    Downloading apps from App Store
If you have iOS 5.1 installed on your iPhone, you will face problems with the app downloads from the App Store. The best way to resolve the issue is to go for hard reset of your device. If the problem persists, you may go for the installation of the updated version of the operating system. Sometimes, it takes some more time and the problem is resolved by itself. You may also cancel the current download command from your iPhone and re-issue the command to download from the App Store. This way, your downloading problem of the apps may be resolved.

2.    If you are downloading apps from App Store on your iPhone, the common problem may be the selection of the relevant apps as the number of apps is increasing by a great deal and you have to be pretty careful while selecting the one that particularly deals with your requirements. Moreover, some apps of the same nature may be more proficient in dealing with your requirements than the other ones. So, you have to consult the Customer support service before finally downloading an app for your purpose. Moreover, you may read reviews and star rating about the apps so as to decide about the ranking of different apps. This will lead you towards the perfect solution of your problem. It is one of the biggest problems that the users now face when downloading their needed apps from the App Store.

3.    The iPhone 5 lets you use the substitutes for the mostly available famous applications and apps that are available on other systems. For example, the Google maps have earned repute during the recent years in serving its clients. Apple has also in its App Store the Apple Maps to counter the issue of locating your ways while holding the iPhone 5. With Apple Maps in hand, you can think of finding the exact locations of different cities and addresses. Anyway, the app is not yet that much refined as is the Google Maps. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, is hopeful that the app will improve with the passage of time and with its new version in future from the App Store. Luthiana

4.    The patent war is one of the biggest problems with Apple and it allows its users to download the apps that are authentic and have been developed by the authentic practitioners of the software development. Apple believes in quality and does not let unauthorized apps to enter its App Store. As compared to the other platforms, you find less number of apps here.

5.    Data loss problem may occur to anyone. iPhones must be synced with desktop Macs. The problem with Apple is that its data is stored in local servers. The rival Google uses the cloud technology and the same must be done by Apple. Backups become even more reliable when things use cloud technology for the primary storage of its data. The App store should go like Google that allows its users to download apps that are not approved or vetted.

Author Bio:- Neeshu S, is Technical Writer at TechAhead Software, he has a passion for reading and spends his free time playing games on his iPhone.

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