11 Best Tips for Safe Online Shopping to Customer

In today’s tech savvy world craze of online shopping is increased as shopping online offer convenience & safety to both consumers and businesses or website owners. Instead of this there are many shoppers who don’t believe on online shopping or afraid from it. Becoming fearfulness is natural and the good thing is that there are few things which will destroy your afraid of shopping online. As billions of dollars are spending on the safety of shopping websites but still you need to be careful about shopping online whether you are shopping the holiday packages, or just looking to avoid craziness of the Malls, online shopping could be a challenge. Especially when you stay from the larger e-taliers to get a best deal from a lesser known website. Below are few tips which you should consider before shop online I am sure it will help you to gain some peace of mind.online shopping safety tipsThings to Consider Before Shopping Online

1.  Check Rating

Before shop online on any lesser known website must check its customer satisfaction rating. Check out comments of exist customers what they are saying about product and online shopping on that site then proceed for further. As reputed site allow their customers to rate them and comment either they are positive or negative.  So it would be great if you check customer satisfaction rating first.

2. Use the Familiar Websites

If possible try to shop on well known and branded website for instance “AmaZon.com” for shopping if you are buying domain or other service then “GoDaddy” and many more reputed sites in India HomeShop18.Com, Myntra.com, StarCj.com etc. Don’t believe on search result  always as it can rigged to lead you astray, especially when you drift past the first few pages of links.

3. Beware of Misspell &Top Level Domain Sites

Visit original website as few hackers & online thieves are there always to steal your bank details and then they will misuse of it. So always type the correct name of the website if it’s in .com then must type .com not .net or .org.

4. Beware of Unknown Coupon Source

I will recommend readers to go directly to the seller’s website rather clicking a “coupon” link sent via unknown source. This tactic is used by many scammers they send an coupon link email to your email ID and create a fake page similar to original website and ask for direct shopping and their main motto is to get your credit/debit card details and we all know what will be happened if  our bank details get a scammer. So before going to shop via any link first you think have you subscribe for this website? If yes then go to the official site and use that code and avoid direct clicking on such scam links to protect your bank details from scammers.

5. Prefer Credit Card over Debit Card

Why I say so?  As per my personal experience credit cards is safer choice for shopping online. Suppose someone is trying to intercept your financial details online they can damage you less compare to shopping via Debit Card. You can clearly understand via these 2 examples

  • As all we know credit cards have spending limits every month instead debit cards which is directly linked to our bank account has no limitation.
  • You can dispute fraudulent charges made via credit card without being invest a peny and can recover money in some cases but money withdrawn directly from your bank account via debit card is more difficult to recover.

6. Don’t Use Website which is Encrypted

May be you are thinking how you define is a website encrypted or not? It’s very easy when you using online checkout process of a seller check the web address bar if the domain started with “https” you can proceed with no worry if its showing “http” just go back and don’t enter your financial details in it. “HTTPS” ensure you that you are using an encrypted communication path o transmit your financial details to the seller. It helps you against eavesdropping on your transaction.

7.  Printout or Save a Copy of Your Orders

Once you place your order online most retailer website automatically send you an email or recommend you to page with a confirmation of your purchase; this page could include a purchase receipt or a confirmation number. You can keep it save in your email or take a printout of the receipt till you receive your order or product.  Recommend you to save in your email or PC, laptop because it helps you to save paper and saving paper will help to SAVE TREE.

8. Avoid Shopping from Shared Computers

I will recommend please do not shop online from shared computer because it sounds like a no-brainer, instead if in any situation you have to do it from your office computer, library, lab or anywhere else please logout immediately after shopping and make clear your browser’s page cache, cookies and history.

9. Never Share Your Birthday or Social Number with Anyone

I did shop online on few websites and ask from my friends as well they all said to me that no online shopping stores ask for your social security number or your b’day. Then who can ask for our birthday or security numbers? Yes, you are thinking very right it could be scammers who ask for your b’day and security numbers. Don’t waste your time on these sites just run away from their fast. The more they know about us it become more easy for them to steal our identity. So be aware and keep shop online.

10. Check out Physical Address of Vendor’s

Either you are shopping locally or from a website is far away from your country then must check the physical address of the website. If it’s in well manner like street number, office number, building number, pincode & official number etc then you can proceed for the shop online. In case they posted only pin code or not have address which make you satisfy so don’t shop till you don’t have trust on the website.

11. Read seller’s return, refund, exchange, and shipping policies

Personally I don’t read it because I do shop recommended by my personal friends circle or relative but if shop online first time from any website I read it and recommend you also to read their policies is there any delivery charges or any other fee like tax? Don’t participate in any free gift or coupon club without reading there polices because they signup for free but involve billing for the privilege of joinng.

Hope you find this article helpful and proud to share with you friends and colleague. I will be much happy if you can send your feedback via comment section below or can share you online shopping experience with users. Finally I would be smart, be safe and keep shop online.

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