Work Smarter – 5 new project & time management apps

Project and time management apps are on the increase with more and more people working from home or on the road.  Here are 5 project and time management apps that can significantly increase efficiency and help you work smarter.

1.       Clarizen


Clarizen is an online project management tool that is for the more serious project manager.  It provides all the features that a project manager could want – from Gantt Charts to Budget Tracking, and so much more.  It does expectedly, come with a comparably higher price tag but for the type of business for whom this would be ideal, it is likely to be a safe investment.

This is a useful choice for people who have some heavy-duty project management needs and Clarizen provide plenty of support which means that it is easily integrated into businesses.

Like many similar tools, it operates on a social networking type structure but, is built more for exclusive use by a business.  However, the somewhat powerful incompatibility with this is that it does not support the need for in-house technical control that is sometimes required for IT security policy compliance.

2.       TeamWeek


Available on the web and iOS, TeamWeek is a strong contender in this arena of apps and has increasing popularity because of its simple interface alongside free service.  At first glance it appears to be a task management system but upon closer inspection, it provides much more.

Unlike many of its kind, TeamWeek extends the usual facility to schedule tasks into enabling users to create Gantt charts.  This means that you can visually see how long each task is scheduled to take alongside who is responsible for what.

The fact that it is only available on iOS can be off putting for many, but the Android app is reportedly on its way very soon.  Another limitation is that the free service is available for teams with up to five people however the paid versions that support larger teams are relatively good value for money.

3.       Chronos


Chronos only entered the market in 2012 and for many, has changed the way in which they manage their time.  It is very much for the goal driven person who wants to work smarter – a great way to do this is to track time so you can analyse how you spend it and on this, Chronos certainly delivers.

Although the company promote a more personal rather than business based ethos, it is still a great time management tool that can be used by any professional enhanced by its ability to create ‘Groups’.  The facility to create a ‘Chronos network’ of people means that team efficiency is another thing that can be monitored alongside time.

Chronos is ideal for people who charge customers by the hour as it is commonly used for tracking time spent on various work projects.  Its limitation is that its features do not support those with project management requirements and there are other apps that manage both time and projects.

4.       Producteev


Producteev is a task management solution that is targeted around team management and operations.  The fact that it is free makes it an ideal solution for many which is compounded by its ability to support an unlimited number of projects across an unlimited number of teams and people.  This is topped off with an extremely easy to use interface.

The online nature of it means that team members have real-time updates and complete visibility of tasks and their progress.  It works on the basis of ‘workspaces’ which are in essence, projects with associated tasks and even sub tasks.

The only down side to Producteev is that in comparison to some other task/project management apps, it doesn’t appear to have a lot of features, however given that the main criticism for many is that they are overcrowded with unnecessary features;it is worth analysing whether Producteev will work for you.

5.       Trello


Trello is another task and project management app that is free to use and combines the usual tools one would expect to find with ‘notes’ that people using ‘Evernote’ would find useful.

Trello works in real time – this means instant updates and easy communication facilities.  Its web based workspace is versatile in who it targets; perfect for the sole user as well as distributed teams working on multiple projects.

Trello has received little criticism from end users because it seems to have managed to balance all the features people like from other online project management solutions plus more.  It is extremely easy to use with drag and drop facilities wherever possible.

This article was written by Nick Williams. Nick is part of the training team at Acuity. Acuity offer instructor led, hands-on project management courses, time management training and much more from their state-of-the-art facilities in Surrey, UK.

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