WordPress vs. Joomla: What CMS Is Better? Why?

WordPress and Joomla are both free to download and free to use CMS (content management system) platforms. They are what you see is what you get platforms that help you build a website without any need for programming or coding experience. They are both maintained by a third party to ensure they are updated regularly and ergo are more secure.

What where they created for?
WordPress was created to be a blog creation website and become more popular when people realized how search engine friendly some of their templates had become. There was a point when most websites on the first pages of the Google search engine results were WordPress powered. Joomla was created as a free website builder. This means you need plugins to help make your WordPress blog look like and act like a website, and you need plugins to help a Joomla website look and act like a blog.wordpress-vs-joomla-which-is-better
How regularly are they updated?
Joomla is updated on average around every 36 days. WordPress is updated on average every 42 days. Joomla wins on this one, but a difference of a few days is not really a big problem. They are both updated by a team of programmers that help to stop bugs appearing and help to keep the content management system security up to date. They also help integrate the system with new technology as browsers and operating systems improve over time.

Which is at the most risk of being hacked?
In terms of security they are both equal, but in terms of statistic probability it has to be WordPress. That is the problem with popular things, there are always more people out there trying to hack it. The same is true of operating systems. For example, Mac has the weaker security when compared with Windows, but because Windows is more popular there are more people trying to hack it.

The level of skill needed for using the CMS
If you just count the use of the content management system and not the setting up part, then one would have to say that WordPress is the easiest to use. Joomla is pretty easy, but WordPress wins this one. Plus, there are more online tutorial videos and more articles on how to use WordPress than there are on how to use Joomla.

The popularity of the content management systems
WordPress has had around 140 million downloads, and Joomla has had around 30 million downloads, so WordPress wins this one. Joomla websites make up around 2-3% of the websites on the Internet. WordPress makes up between 16% – 20%.

How many free templates/themes and free plugins are there?
Theme is another word for templates. This is a little unfair because WordPress is more popular so more people have created themes and plugins that have then turned free. Still, WordPress has around 2000+ free templates and 27000+ free plugins. Joomla has over 900+ free templates and 70000+ free plugins.

Which is the most technical?
It is true that WordPress is easier to use once you have installed it, but as for technical, one would have to say that WordPress is the more technical of the two. It is a little difficult to explain, but WordPress is the more technical but the easier to use once you have the hang of it.

Here is a metaphorical example that attempts to show how something can be more technical and yet easier to use. Let’s say that WordPress is like a pedal bike and Joomla is a motor scooter with two speeds. The scooter only requires you to pull a throttle and sit on it, but when you drive you are not as in control as you would be on a cycle. With a bicycle it is more technical because there is peddling, but when you are on it you have more control because you can pick your own speed and stop more easily. That is an example of how WordPress (the bike) may be more technical to use but offers more control ergo ease of use. Joomla is not as technical (as with the scooter you just pull the throttle) but there is not as much control as with WordPress and so is actually more difficult to ride.

In conclusion
If you are building a blog then WordPress is the winner hands down. If you are building a website then Joomla is going to cause you less problems because you will spend most of your time downloading WordPress plugins to make your blog look more like a website. Joomla is good for making eCommerce websites and social networking sites. WordPress is good for making blogs and maybe even small business websites where you wish to add in articles every week or month to help your SEO.

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