WordPress Vs BlogSpot : Why and How WordPress is Better Than BlogSpot Platform

If you are newbie in blogging then you must be confused which blogging platform is better for you either WordPress or Blogger? Actually answering this question is quite difficult as few people recommend WordPress as greatest platform of AL CMS and another group of people say self hosted blogger is above all. Now you want to know the answer which one is best blogging platform in these two.

As I have already used both the blogging platforms and as per my experience I would suggest you WordPress over BlogSpot.  I have highlighted few key differences WordPress Vs BlogSpot below. So that, it can prove why I recommending WordPress as Best Blogging Platform.wordpress-vs-bloggerWordPress Vs BlogSpot Key Differences

BlogSpot: BlogSpot is owned by Google. So you don’t have any control on it and they can remove it any time.
WordPress: If you have self hosted blog. Then you don’t need to worry about as you have full control on it.

Languages Support
BlogSpot: It supports only 50 languages.
WordPress: It supports around 120 languages.

BlogSpot: Unfortunately it don’t allow to create category option but good news it has a option of level which works as tag.
WordPress: Its allow you to create categories and facility to add tags.

Multi Author Facility
BlogSpot: In blogger have facility Administrators or Non-Administrators.
WordPress:  WordPress allow you to create author, contributors and editors.

Mobile Access
BlogSpot: There is no mobile specific version but it allows you to publish post via sending SMS or MMS, you are requisite to visit http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g for more.
WordPress: It can be accessed through mobile on m.wordpress.com

Still there are many more differences but not to discuss about it now we come to our main point which is why and how WordPress is better than BlogSpot.

Why Choose WordPress over Blogger:

Full Control on Blog
As I said earlier that blogger has owned by Google and can be deleted anytime without informing you and you can’t do anything on it. Instead if you are using self hosted WordPress blog can manage it and do whatever you want to with your blog.

Plugins and Support
If you want to modify your BlogSpot theme then it become headache for your if you are not tech pro instead of this WordPress is blessed with many features and Plugins is one them its strong community to get support whatever issue you have related to WP. There is so many plugins either you have to download SEO plugins or webmaster plugins, contact form plugins whatever you can get it in WordPress not in BlogSpot. So, you can say it’s the reason why I recommending WordPress for new bloggers.

You must enable JavaScript in your PC to use all features are available in BlogSpot Dashboard but in WordPress Dashboad you don’t need to install anything and WP increase the speed for its dial-up users. So that, they can easily post an entry without posting difficulty.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly
In comparison to BlogSpot, WordPress is more SEO friendly as its offers many options to optimize your blog but BlogSpot users are limited to certain settings. As every bloggers want to promote its blog and without SEO its quite difficult. So it become important for blogging platform to be SEO friendly and fortunately WordPress is.

Themes and Customizations
Firstly there are less theme offered by blogspot and you can customized some of them without any hassle via editing HTML & CSS directly but what if you are not tech pro? Hmm the answer is WordPress as its offer free and paid theme and it has numerous theme so you can find your choice of theme you are not limited and you can customize it easily via visiting customize theme in WP dashboard

You can run ads on both on blogspot and wordpress but the difference is in BlogSpot you can use ads on limited places but in WordPress you can add on your choice of places either in sidebar, header, top, footer, middle of the post. As ads & adsense is very important for every blogger so its important to aware which blog is better for there adsense.

Buy Selling Facility
If you have any blogspot blog and is become popular but you are unable to maintain it and want to sale it then bad news for you because You can’t sale BlogSpot blog as Google strictly don’t allow reselling of blogspot blogs. If you have self hosted blog or any other guy can sell and buy the blog with full access.

Hope you don’t become bored while reading this blog and love to hear from you guys and your views on this article or you can share your thought about the blogspot or wordpress below in comment section.

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