WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Difference & Which is Better for You?

One of the most confusing questions for the people who want to start blogging that which one they should use WordPress.com or WordPress.org as both have its own pros and cons without knowing them you will be in confusion always. I can understand what kind of questions are raising in your mind as these questions were raised in my mind as well when I started my blogging career.  So what these questions are?

1) What is WordPress.com & WordPress.org?
2) What is the Difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?
3) Which One I Should Choose for Blogging Career?

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What is WordPress.com?
WordPress.com is Content Management System (CMS) based website which allow its users to create free blog with some limitations. As it’s maintained by WordPress itself and that’s why featured with same software used in WordPress.Org.

The Pros of WordPress.com
•    It relieves you from installing WordPress theme and maintenance.
•    It’s free up to 3 GB. For additional use you have to pay $20 per year for 10 GB as much as space you use yearly charges will increase accordingly.
•    You are free from its maintenance, up-gradation & storage backup.

The Cons of WordPress.com
•    Biggest loss you have limited theme option in wordpress.com
•    You can’t customize theme
•    No facility to use plugins
•    You don’t have full control on your blog. In any case you prohibited WordPress policy they will delete your blog without informing you.
•    You will see unwanted ads on your blog which you have not used its from wordpress.
•    You can’t sell Ads on your site till you receive 25,000 pageview/monthly instead of this WordPress will take 50% of your revenue.

What is WordPress.org?
WP.org is a popular blogging tool that powers more than 60 millions websites over globally.  It allows its users to download latest versions of WP CMS and facility to run it on web hosting services. Instead of this you will numerous WordPress themes, plugins, WordPress news & community support etc.

The Pros of WordPress.Org
•    You can install any theme to your blog either its free or Paid.
•    Facility to modify theme as per your choice.
•    You can install plugins that help you to extend the functionality of your site.
•    Full control on your blog and data don’t have to worry about any terms of services or WordPress.
•    You can monetize blog on your own way and can use ads of your choice like Adsense or affiliate ads.

The Cons of WordPress.Org
•    You have to pay yearly charge to your hosting service provider and domain provider as you are using your own domain name.
•    You have to manage your all the backup of the website.
•    You have to maintenance and upgrades as you are responsible for all these.

Hope you understand what WordPress.com & WordPress.org is very well and for your help I have also mentioned its pros and cons. So that, you can choose the best one for you instead of this would like to inform you difference between these two for instance if you go with WP.com how your domain will look like? It will like this: yourname.wordpress.com instead of this if you start blogging with your self-hosted solution your domain address will be “YourDoaminName.com”. I assuming that you understand the value of brand domain name. As there are many more differences between these two which I have listed below.wordpress.com vs wordpress.orgComparison Chart of WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org



Self Hosted

Yes, you can install WP blogging platform straight from the homepage and install it to wherever you want. No, it’s providing you free subdomain and use of 3GB disk space.


Can install any wordpress theme Only limited additions are available to use


You can download theme for free. You just need to  pay to your hosting & domain service provider. The basic package is free & premium membership will cost you $99 per year.

Blog Setup Time

Not more than 15 minutes 5 Minutes maximum


More than 15000 plugins are available and you can upload your choice of plugins for free Limited plugins for free user. However  you elect premium service can upload 20-30 plugins only.


You have to maintain & upgrade your blog It will done automatically


Full access do what you want to do with your blog Limited access.


You have your own brand name No brand facility as  you don’t have control on it.


You can monetize your blog and can place ad of your choice on particular page and place. You can’t sell ads or any kind advertisement unless you get 25000 page view month.


Depends on your hosting provider usually people use unlimited hosting plans. Up to 3 GB free (excluded video)

May be you are thinking that as beginner free blogging service as better unfortunately my friends it’s not completely true as there are many limitations to know review these differences from beginning in the table. As I discussed about the 2 questions now come to 3rd one.

Which One I Should Choose for Blogging Career WordPress.Com or WordPress.Org

Its interesting question and I love to answer it if you are a blogger who doing blogging just for fun or personal or journal reasons and you don’t have any intention then you can proceed with WordPress.Com.

Instead of this if you want to be professional blogger and want to earn money via your blog or want to make career in blogging then you must choose self hosted WordPress.org

What is my suggestion about these two?
Well I usually recommend people to go with WordPress.org over WordPress.com why I say so?

  • Very 1st thing is you can customize your blog and it looks like a professional website which is not available in wordpress.com.
  • You can make it SEO friendly via using plugins.
  • You can make money from your blog
  • You have your own brand name
  • You don’t have to keep adhere any term of service
  • Can use as maximum as plugins are available for free
  • You have full control on your domain
  • You can tract the growth of you domain.
  • You don’t have to pay any  peny to anyone
  • You can monetize your blog and place your choice of ads on it.

Well, I have given my own reason and experience why Recommending WordPress.org over WordPress.com but nobody has any bound you can opt out your choice of method. So keep in touch with us for more updates.

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