Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform to Use for All?

When it comes to elect best blogging platform most of the bloggers recommend “WordPress” nowadays.  Every new blogger who starting blogging always want to know which Blogging Platform is Best for them as there are multiple blogging platform also available online namely BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly and many more.

Now I would like to give the answer for the newbie who want to know why people recommend WordPress as best blogging platform over the other blogging platform. As every blogging platform has own pros & cons but we are not here to discuss about them as there are many reason why blogger use WordPress as their best blogging platform I have highlighted the main & important facts about it because list is too big :-).Wordpress best blogging platform

Top Reasons Why WordPress is a Best Blogging Platform

Free & Premium Theme:

Whenever we start any website or blog our main concern is its design and navigation. Either you are tech pro or don’t know about coding or designing WordPress offer 3 way to go for design here they are

  • Download free WordPress Theme
  • Buy a Premium WordPress Theme
  • Hire a Professional WordPress Theme Designer

To be very frank most of the blogger use free WordPress theme due to numerous option of free theme available in WordPress compare to other blogging platform. In any case if you are not satisfied with any theme can use other theme which you like most. You can also browse for premium WordPress theme as they provide great support and its worthless to tell about how you can hire a professional wordpress theme designer you can browse the Google, freelancing sites or can go to local designing companies.


This is one the most favorite part of WP which I like most for every problem it have plugin. As per my opinion it could be the biggest reason why blogger use it as best blogging platform because it allow usage of plugins and all the plugins tremendous functionality, result & support. You can get the list of all plugings from WP plugin directory.


It has been observed that beginners of wordpress faces any little or major issue they just left it reason behind it may be then don’t aware about the WordPress Support Forum or you can simply browse the google for your question and WP forum suggestion will open or any blog or website which have your answer. So don’t leave it due to just because of issues try to find out solution and keep blogging.

SEO Friendly

As an SEO professional myself it’s another best part of WordPress for me and for you also if you have little bit knowledge about SEO because most of the blogging platform don’t offer such service they just provide default pages but in WordPress with the help of SEO plugins we can manage metadata as per our choice. You can find recommended SEO plugins here.

Good Monetization

It’s really easy to monetize wordpress blog compared to other blogging platform like blogger. You can earn money via monetize your blog because most of the advertising agencies like BuySellads don’t entertain Blogger from Blogspot. As there are many plugins available which support adding advertising to your blog like Google Adsense ads, private ads through an network like Infoliks & BuySellads etc.

Static & Dynamic Facility

If you have installed new wordpress theme and create a new post it will show an dynamic page it could be something like that ( http://www.somesites.com/forums/thread.php?threadid=12345&sort=date) but it’s not good as a SEO point of view but wordpress allow you to make these pages static in permalink section and your page will look like this (http://www.somesites.com/forums/thread.php). Making a static website with wordpress will surely help to become better SEO and also help to increase the website visibility of your website in Google.

Trust & Respect

People have more trust on WordPress compare to other blogging platform. For example blogspot is a free blog platform and it is spammed by many spam users they create these blogs just for backlinks and affiliate marketing. But wordpress offers you both the service and serious people use the paid version of wordpress as its secure and more trustable by the professionals.


It’s the most important factor for every blogger either they are beginner or have some experience but everyone wants to secure their blogs and thank God WordPress is there as its well known for its security globally. If you have WP blog then there are fewer chances to being hacked.

As, I already said above that there are many reasons to become wordpress your best blogging platform and few most popular reasons I shared with you. If you believe I have missed any point which make WP best blogging platform then you can let me know via email or can left your suggestion in comment section. I will surely update it on my blog thanks in advance.

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