Windows XP Support Halted; Consequences and Recommendations

If you have Personal Computer (PC) and using Window XP then you could be in danger? because Microsoft’s announcement that it is ending its’ support for the legendary windows XP operating system has now dawned on its loyal users as on 08th April 2014. Since its launch by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates in 2001, Windows XP proved to be basic, steady, quite fast, secure and appealing to everybody. To update, even with the newer versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the most recent Windows 8, Windows XP is still the operating system of choice for almost 11% of computers in the world today. Despite statistics revealing that windows XP is the second most sort after version of windows, Microsoft still insists it has to cease offering support.  Most loyal users however are defiant to switch over.Window XP-GraveThe Consequences

Vulnerable to hackers

Lack of support will lead to the system being jeopardized. This means that  personal data and other sensitive information will be left at the mercy of prowling hackers. Under normal circumstances Microsoft provides patches that enable fill up loop holes created by potential hackers that might break in the system and tamper with your sensitive data. So no support no patches, just upgrade you can visit MicroSoft website official website fore more via clicking here:


Not only is windows XP popular with individuals but also big businesses. It actually forms the basic platform that ATM Machines run on. In addition, these businesses currently utilize software applications that only run on the XP version of windows.  With Microsoft’s announcement cutting across all types of consumers both personal and big businesses, the upgrades to newer versions will certainly run into millions if not billions of dollars. We don’t want to speculate, but hey, they will certainly cash in big.


While effecting this change, to new versions peripheral devices including scanners and printers might not perform as expected. Due to this, manufacturers have ceased producing drivers for such devices. Also to be affected will be programs such as excel sheets and word processors currently installed on XP. These will certainly need a replacement. The upgrade is inevitable, even without such announcement, eventually; manufacturers will discontinue production of devices using the XP version.

Antivirus and Malware; A few of those who still want to stick to the stone age, malware and virus attacks should not really worry you. There will still be antivirus programs running on your XP though likely to cease much later. The same case is believed to happen with the firewall.


Upgrade to Windows 7

Unless the specifications allow it, don’t rush for the newest version Windows 8 just yet. Its predecessor windows 7 will serve you just right. And it’s very much similar to XP right from the look to its stability and functionalities. Out to make money, it is quite obvious Microsoft wants all its XP users on Windows 8 claiming that it has more security, much faster and utilizes less power than its predecessor Windows 7. It should however be noted that Windows 7 needs a computer with a little more power to run than windows 8. For anyone moving from XP, windows 7 is the better option.

Upgrade to Macintosh

Very strangely, upgrading to a Macintosh OS X operating system from XP is quite simpler than upgrading to Windows 8.1. Though the variations are minimal but annoying, the OS X operating system is theoretically comparable to Windows XP including any other windows version except windows 8. With applications readily available on either version (XP and OS X), it is very easy to transfer data files between computers.

However, the move doesn’t come cheap. Currently,  the cheapest Mac Mini is going for about $600, laptops and desktops costing $1000 and $1300 respectively.  This is in comparison to the completely equipped Windows computer fetching at a dismal $300 and a good powerful one going for $600. A Macintosh is always a good bargain if you can afford.


When a product is said to be discontinued, not everyone is expected to cease from using it. But options are always available when one decides to move on. Frankly speaking, you don’t need to go by the manufacturers recommendations.

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