Why Is CE Marking Required On Electrical Appliances?

CE MarketingThe letters ‘CE’ appear on many products that are traded and available for consumer use in Europe. The CE marking is required for many products, including electrical appliances, and confirms the verification by a manufacturer that the products meet the EU safety, health or environmental products. The symbol also declares that the product can be legally placed on the market in Europe and is safe for consumer use.

In previous years, CE marking formerly was known as EC Mark.

Some of the products that need a CE marking include:

  • Medical devices
  • Machinery
  • Household electrics
  • Toys
  • Lifts

Safety with Electrical Appliances

To ensure all electrical appliances are suitable for home and consumer use, it needs to undergo a series of testing. Part of this testing includes CE marking requirements. The CE marking stamp will confirm that the product is safe to buy and use with a minimum risk of harm in Europe.

Electrical appliances can withhold many risks, this includes, electric shocks, sparks, fire hazards and faults. By undergoing the series of tests and obtaining the CE marking stamps, these risks can be reduced to ensure the products are safe to be used.

Obtaining CE Marking

Depending on the level of risk of the product, the CE marking is affixed to a product by the manufacturer or an authorised representative who decides whether the product meets all the CE marking requirements.

If it is believed that a product obtains a minimal risk, self-certified CE marking can be produced by the manufacturer where they can affix the CE marking to their own products. To do this, the following steps must be taken:

  • Decide whether the product needs to have CE marking.
  • Comply with all directives if it applies.
  • Choose the conformity assessment procedure from the modules available.
  • Assess the product’s conformity.
  • Compile the technical documentation.
  • Declare and affix the CE marking.

It is not always applicable to self-certify CE marking; instead further testing may be required by an organisation. There are several companies that work on behalf of CE marking requirements and will comply all the testing on behalf of the manufacturer.

Future Safety

Although CE marking declares safety of a product, it does not mean it will not have any future faults or problems. Manufacturers advise future servicing and testing of electrical appliances, especially larger products that use high amounts of electricity.

Future testing and services will ensure that all faults and risks are minimised.

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