Why add flash video (.FLV) to web site?

So finally, you decide to add flash video (. FLV or .SWF) to your web site for making the website more attractive and informative, flash video also creates an eye catching effect when site Anybody can quickly and easily Publish if have knowledge of HTML and Java script.

Do you know what Flash video is?

Flash video is the video that created by using Adobe Flash or other third party tools to make .Flv video; you may ask, “Now what is this .Flv” , actually this is a standard format for publishing flash content such as movie clip, advertisement, songs or personal video on the internet, YouTube.com, Yahoo video site screen.yahoo.com and other major video sharing sites support and love this format.

This format also adoptable by SWF and can embed within SWF files for use on web page(s) and this format files cannot play in browser directly, web browser need plugin for play such type files online.

Why flash video format popular for publishing online?

Everybody has own reason but here are list of top such as…

  1. Play smoothly due to small size and optimal quality.
  2. The expert can design own player interface by using Adobe’s Flash product.
  3. Flash video (. flv, .Swf) support multi operating system that included MAC OSX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.
  4. Not only OS as well as support to most popular web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Safari and Opera successfully.

Flash video has ability to convert flv 2 mp3 or other audio format for use on audio device or on iPhone, conversion also not a hard work by using online website or the desktop software, almost software or website has same process that work systematically as mention below.

Step1.Enter the location (on local hard drive) of any video or copy paste URL from website.

Step2. Click on a button (Convert/Go/Change format) to convert your video into .mp3 audio track.

Step3. Save/download to your machine or device.

You can also use www.flv2mp3.com free of cost and have many options to apply.

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