What is the Maintenance Cost of an Inkjet Printer?

When it comes to money used for an inkjet printer, you should know about the 2 kinds of expenses you will face. The first type of expense is the initial cost of the printer, which is the price you buy it from a store. The second type is the cost for the maintenance of the inkjet printer.

While buying printers, people often judge based on the initial costs of the model. But it is equally important to consider the maintenance cost as well because it affects you in the long run.

For inkjet printers, the maintenance cost is dependant on the ink cartridges used in the printer. Ink cartridges can dry quickly and is expensive. So, to determine the maintenance cost for ink cartridges, let’s look at a concept called cost per page.

Inkjet Printer


Cost Per Page

The cost per page for inkjet printers below 15000 is higher than for the laser printers. This is due to the low page yields that you get using the ink cartridges. This value can vary between models and brands. For a coloured print, the cost per page is around $0.2, and for black and white it is $0.07.

Models with high capacity ink tanks can help to lower the cost per page value. For an 11ml of ink, an average of 22o pages can get printed with the ink cartridge. This increases to 350 pages if the ink level is increased to 16ml. For example, suppose you buy an ink cartridge for $40.89 with 480 pages. Then the cost per print is around $0.09.

To summarize, if you want minimum maintenance cost, then go for the model which has a low cost per print value.

Things you can do to cut the maintenance cost

Once you have found the perfect inkjet printer with a wonderful ink cartridge, there some things you can do to minimize the maintenance cost. All you need to do are some minor adjustments to your printing habits to see great results.

Go for black and whitePrinting in colour is expensive when you compare it to black and white printing. If the printing is done for personal use, then try to go without colours. This can reduce maintenance costs, and you can use colours when it is needed.

  • Use the right paper.

You can reduce the costs by using a cheaper paper for your printing. For important projects, you can use thick papers. But don’t compromise on the quality of the paper because poor quality one can cause paper jams in the printer.

  • Check the preview

The option print preview is often overlooked, but it can save a good amount of ink and money. Check if there are any mistakes to correct them before you print them out.

  • Draft mode

This setting will help to print the document in lower resolution. For text documents, you cannot see the difference with the resolution change. This saves a considerable amount of ink.


As with any appliance, there is the maintenance cost for an inkjet printer. But with the right model and good printing practices, you can significantly reduce them.