What is the Future of SEO – Is it “Dead” or “Alive”?

Search Engine Optimization is the term that puts you in anxiousness much more than it thrills. The question pops-up pretty frequent whether this same flow of the strategy will sustain in future also, or it will get flat. Should I proceed on this way or not? Questions like these have been keeping coming since some last years, and it is still going on.
The only extract from these sorts of speculation is “nothing”. To be frank, the articles on this regard carry enough word, but they never conclude. Now, it is obvious to think that this kind of blogs or writings can be a trial of confusing the budding professionals, or the rage exploring from a looser in this arena whose attempt has been rubbished in the race.

Have you ever asked the experts?

One of the simplest ways to practice when you don’t get a solution is by asking the experts, or those have tasted the success.  It is always recommended to ask the experts as they don’t have the fear of you overtaking their business (as you are already not sure whether SEO will work for you). Hence, they can be happily being a guru for you. And, upon asking such personalities hardly any chance remains there to make you disappointed.
SEO is keeping up the process irrespective of kinds of methods being applied in the search arena. Yes, it is a fact that evolution is there. Unlike those confusing, or so called diplomatic blog this time I will say being definite that the SEO is going to be active and functioning, no matter how much upgrades or changes the search platforms bring into account. Why? Check it out below.

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Facts behind SEO not going to lie down

However, one thing is clear that it doesn’t get simpler by passing years, and increasing competitions. Earlier you had to perform a very few steps like being backed by enough links with some proper keywords were making the job done by pushing you to the top places. But, the scenario is different these days. It has become a professional and you have to appoint/consult the experts to guide you. They introduce you with the latest strategies for optimizing on and off the site. Be sure, this is not an out and out hit and trial method anymore.

The environments those best suit SEO

The extent of web business is getting revealed up to some extents only in last few years. Having a website has become quite integral to any business. The process is hiking, and will hike in future. Now thing is quite apparent for the rush to increase, and that’s exactly SEO loves as an environment.
The number of sites being introduced over the web is simply uncountable. Yes, the fundamental strategies of SEO can be performed by anyone, but there are many other components of a web presence those need to be taken care. Hence, special arrangements for SEO are like a must.
Advertising is a must for any business. Even the superstars don’t want to let any opportunity go for promoting their stuff. In addition, the investment and technology applied for over the web marketing is getting higher day by day. On this context we want to say, online promotion is quite synonymous with SEO. You want a web presence from the crowd means; you have to consider the SEO.

SEO is pretty much a team work

All the brands have started showing inclination towards the social media marketing platforms. Remember, the big brands never get satisfied without hundred percent, and you can’t expect hundred percent without SEO taken care by a thorough professional. In fact, they don’t mind in recruiting skilled SEO personalities with a good package.
On major revolution that is being witnessed these days is that SEO has become a team work these days. Organizations have started realizing that the need to increase manpower in this field, and don’t mind even for investing with the freshers. This indicates they are quite sure that this is not a one man thing that someone will learn all the tricks and leave you. Which means, SEO has gone big, and you think it is going to die in near future?

Make sure you are creative

Another major change, or it would be better to term the finetune that has hit the contemporary SEO is that you can’t be a copy cat. You are bound to be creative. It means development has already entered inside SEO, or you can say it is getting more technology oriented. Mind it; SEO is obvious to hurt you, if you are a part-timer and expecting full-time amount.
Those negative spreaders talk much about Google. But, it is here to mention that Google has never rubbished SEO. Yes, it has made the scenario to be more challenging, and you have to cope with it anyway.

Are you talking of these SEOs

Yes, one thing we won’t deny that some attempts are getting old, and hence don’t work anymore in this competitive market. Some of the attempts have been listed in Google violation list. Things like loading keywords hampering the content quality, making the backlinks too concentrated, completely copying a successful formula, in some manner purchasing the links, making contents too pointed those seem like automated (or look like automated)   are not working these days.  Remember, Google is in no mood to disappoint its audience. So, you can’t sustain here compromising many things, or going with the strategies those only aim for a better position, or ranking.

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