What Is A Table Fan? How Does It Work?

A Table fan is an electronic gadget which has been popular since the historic period. The appliance is used in many places like houses, offices, shops, etc. to circulate the cool air by rotating the blades. This fan generates ample air by maintaining the high volume and low-pressure system. So the working principle of the table fan is opposite to compressors.

Parts of a Table Fan:

The basic parts of the table fan are as follows:

  • Fan Base
  • Motor Housing
  • Blade/Impeller assembly
  • Blade guard
  • Power cord with plug

Base – This is required to support the entire fan system. The base has the on/off switch regulator and you will find three-speed options such as high, medium, and low.

Motor Housing – This is the heart of the tabletop fan, as the electric motor and the rotor present inside the housing. This rotor connects to the blade assembly to rotate them. The entire component system is within the housing or casing.

Blade/Impeller Assembly – Blades that rotate to circulate the air.

Blade Guard – This blade guard is a protective guard that prevents finger injuries or other objects not to get touch with the fast-rotating blades.

Power cord with plug – The power cord of the fan is used to connect to the home’s power supply. This cord can either be grounded or polarized.

Working Principle of the Table Fan:

Most of the table fans use a single-phase induction motor, which is the main component of these fans. The table fan has a capacitor that gives the torque to this induction motor so that the fan blades rotate and circulate air. When you power the fan, the electric current enters the fan’s motor and passes through the coils of the wire. An electric current passes through the wire that generates the magnetic field. The magnetic field drives a force in the clockwise direction due to which the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. This is also known as electromagnetism.

The clockwise directional force generated due to the magnetic field initiates the rotor coil to spin. When the coil rotates, it makes the blades of the fan rotate along with it. The blades of the fan are in such a way that pushes the air forward thereby circulates the ample air. The table fan blades are oriented in such a way to create a force at the air molecules and thereby the user feels the cool airflow from the table fan.

The latest models of the table fan have advanced features such as remote control, speed and pressure adjustment settings, display, etc. Buy the latest model to enjoy the features.

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