What is a Domain Name and Web Hosting? Why do I need it?

If you are going to start your blogging career or want to start online business surely you need a domain name web space or Hosting. If you are reading this post it means you are not very familiar with these 2 terms and may be think it’s a head spinning task for you trust me it’s very easy than your thought.

I will explain in detail about what is domain & hosting? And why do you need it? I have split every section as follows for your help:

What is Domain Name?
Why You Need Domain Name?
What is Web Hosting?
Why You Need Hosting?what is domain and hosting

What is Domain Name?

In ordinary language a domain name is the simplest form of Internet website address. For instance if we are living in any house, apartment than all we have specific address for the post office to identifying address, so does each and every website in existence same as our address.
Domain name system is specially created for the benefits of human beings. Tech savvy people know the actual address used by computers is in numerical format which is referred as an IP or internet protocol address. An IP address is series of four numbers separated by periods it could be easily understand by this instance of IP address: 512.33.525.541 you can see how difficult to remember this name anyhow we can remember few number but not every website.  So to indemnify domain name system was created because it’s far easy to remember a domain name like “www.speakingtechnically.com” than an IP address.

Hope you understand what domain name is now move on to other topic.

Why You Need Domain Name?

Domain name is the name of your website and if you are creating a website for business or blogging career than it must be your brand name and no one wants that other person use their brand name. A good domain name could be vital for business. If the name does not match your business name or slogan than it must be closely related to one or both.

So be careful to choose a domain name you can visit this article: How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Another thing as it going to become your brand name than it can’t be free you have to pay for it I personally use GoDaddy.com for its security, price & special offers which they offered to me. You can go for other domain name service provider but will recommend to go with reliable and well known brand like GoDaddy J.

What is Web Hosting?

Have you stored your files & folders in your computer or laptop? Then you know all these files & folders are saved in the hard disk of your computer or laptop whatever you use. You can access these files whenever you want and can make the necessary changes in it but a common man or search engine how will they know about it?

A web hosting company does this work they will allow some space to you according to your choice of budget and allow to add your domain name in it. Once you add domain name in it than you have to upload all your files & folders in it. Once you done this activity your domain name will appear with your design and pages and it can be access all over the world wide web (WWW) and people do know about your website or blog.

Why You Need Web Hosting?

Most of the people think that they have purchase the domain name and all set but unfortunately they are wrong. If you have chosen the domain name for your business than you have win the half battle and half battle still remaining.  As I explained above what is web hosting so you can understand if you have elected web hosting package now other can recognize your website by your domain name.

When you go to buy hosting package you become confuse which one you should choose because 2 most common forms of web hosting are popular which are Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting are. If you are new user than you must start with the shared hosting I have 2 reason to go with Shared hosting 1st one is that its cheaper in comparison to dedicated hosting and the another best part if you are happy and become tech savvy then can change your package into dedicated hosting :-).

To be honest choosing the right web hosting company is not an easy task for you. I have seen people go for cheaper without knowing there limitations and later become offended from the service provider but don’t worry I have listed few well known and affordable hosting companies from here you can start your web hosting experienced.


Well there are many more popular hosting service provider but these are personally use by me or my friend circles that’s why I am recommending them.

Well if you are going to start your online business with website than can hire professionals for this work in case you want to start blogging career and want to set up wordpress for your blog than don’t forget to read my post:  7 Easy Step to Start Self Hosted WordPress Blog

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