How Do I Use Hashtag (#) in Social Networking Websites

I got an email from my reader who was asking about hashtag because he could not find it on my blog. Well I reply his question and got idea to write on use of #Hastag in social networking websites and its’ benefits. As I become habitual of split the article in section wise so that, you can go to the point directly for which you looking for.Hashtags EverywhereWhat is Hashtag?

If you are reading about hashtag first time then you should know what hashtag is? You can simply identify hashtag with its symbol which is (#). If have to describe it tech pro language then hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase which prefix with hash symbol (#) and it turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts.

What is the Benefit of Using Hashtag?

As we understand what hashtag is now the second thought in mind why we use it? Is there any benefit of using it? Answer is yes, as I said above it become an clickable link if you insert hashtag beginning in the word or phrase & it helps people to find the posts about relevant topics in which they are interested. Believe it or not, hashtags are becoming popular on the web. It becomes popular 1stly on Twitter, then Google now on FaceBook & Instagram. Is there any different matter to use hashtag in these social networking sites? Well we understand it below with popular social networking websites.

How Does I Use Hashtags in FaceBook?Facebook Hashtags

It’s not very difficult and anyone can use it you don’t need to be pro expert for thisJ. You just need to insert hashtag symbol # in front of word, phrase or acronym without space. Once you insert the hashtag in front of any word a blue box will appear on your tag for example view below image.FB Hashtag imageNow simply click on post and your status will update with hastags which you have used. Now you can click on your hashtag and can see that many other also use the same hashtag but there comments are different. So you can analyze them as well. The result appear doesn’t mean you know everyone it shows the result some of them you know and some unknown pages or people.  Now I can a smile on your face which saying wao how is to use Hashtag in Facebook. You can also take Facebook help for the same.

How Do I Use Hashtags in Twitter?twitter hashtags

Twitter is also well known and 1st website which make popular hashtags #.  Well using hashtag in twitter is same as Facebook. You just need to prefix hashtag symbol in front of word or phrase but impotant things is that do not stuff # in your comment in twiiter as maximum 2 hashtags are recommend by twitter for better result. You can get more details about it here.  Most common question is why my twitter post not showing in the result? It may be just because your twit is not twitted by other people or they don’t like it read and other big factor not showing your hashtag post in twitter may be it issue with hashtag itself. For more I will recommend to contact Twitter Help Page

How Do I Use Hashtags in Google+?Google+ Hashtags

The process of using hashtags in all social networking sites is almost same then how Google can make it different from other? You can use hashtags anywhere in the text of you post in Google+ instead of this G+ offers its user related hastag # service. These hashtags appear at the top of the posts which related to your content by clicking on it you can explore your post. You can find difference in both hashtags which one is used by the post author and which one is added by Google gray color tags are used by author and blue color hashtag are added by Google based on the content of the post. You can know more about Google + hashtag here.

How do I use #hashtags in Instagram?

instagram hashtagsHashtags in Instagram It is similar to all others just place this symbol # before the your phrase or word with no space and all done but what about the post which you already posted and want to use hashtag in it? Not to worry you can do the same in comment section of your post. For more details about Hashtags in Instagram visit office link of Instagram .

Well now you have learn how you can use the #Hashtags in social networking websites and there benefits but as usual every good has both advantages and disadvantages. So far, we have discussed about the advantages of Hashtags but still it have some disadvantages as well that’s why few people hate hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Why People Hate Hashtags and how to Use # Properly

  • Please don’t stuff your post with hashtags because it embrace your readers if they are not very familiar with it. So it will be good if you use hashtag on minimal and importance word or phrases.
  • As different social networking allow different facility of hashtags for instance if you use many hashtags in Google+ your post will highlighted as spam and your readers can’t view it google+ make you red you post. So beware of it.
  • Use hashtags only if its required or related to your content don’t prefix it unnecessary posts or learn it from your competitors how do they use hashtags in their posts section.
  • Try to keep your hashtags short. As observe that few people use on hashtags on long key phrases for example #ilikehashtagsformyposts it is something which doesn’t make any sense and so keep it short and focus on relevant content and branded word of your products.
  • No one can teach you better than your competitors so try to monitor your industry hashtags same as you do in Twitter & Google+. You need to monitor on conversation revolving around hashtags involving your brand and what people like to discuss. So make your own strategy how to make your hashtags? How to use it?

I hope after reading this post you will be very such sure about hashtags and its use. So start hashtag to promote your brand through social media and if you think anything left which I should share it please let it in comment section or can post your question related to post.

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