Top Load Washing Machine: Features, Pros & Cons

If you are looking for top load washing machine, you can get faster cycle than other variants. Top load washing machines usually run in 15-30 minutes, while front loaders take around an hour. Unlike in front loader, clothes are immersed constantly in the water. They can create huge amount of lint because of friction of clothes on the wash.

Key Features

Easy to load

In case you have problem in bending down for any reason, you should definitely go with top loader. As the lid is placed on the top of machine, you can easily place basket of your laundry with the machine and transfer your laundry with ease.

Faster wash cycles

Top loader washing machines are well known for quick wash cycles. When a lot of front loaders out there come with fast wash programs, some are shorter than 15 minutes; these are not preferred for large loads. If you have to do a lot of laundry in small time, top loader has always been the best choice.

Cold water wash

For front loaders and top loaders, you can find different types of detergents. You should keep in mind not to use top load washing powder in front loader and vice versa. Front load detergent should be boiled to around 30 deg. C for enzymes to work and top load detergent is suited for cold water washes.


Even though front load washing machines have come down over the years in price, front loaders may still emerge as winners in terms of price.

Pros of Top Load Washing Machine

  • Top load washing machine is a lot affordable. A mid range top loader is far more affordable than front loader of same range.
  • Drum door is placed atop the machine. It saves a lot of extra space to open front load machine.
  • Design is also easy and simple of top load machines for first time users. Top load machines come with different wash programs and add-ons.
  • Drum doesn’t spin usually as quick in top loader and machines are quieter. see here the list for best top load washing machine in india.

Cons of Top Load Washing Machine

  • Top load washing machine takes more water than front loader. Top loading drum should be filled with water completely on wash cycles.

Top load washing machines are supposed to have fewer features. You should consider the same if these are vital to you.

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