Top 5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India with Price & Features

 SamSung Air Conditioner (AC)SamSung air conditioner

SamSung is another well known brand in the industry of AC. Its ac featured with De-humidification, energy star rated, automatic cleaning & turbo cleaning. The good thing about the SamSung AC’s is that they can withstand high voltage of 135v-290v. If you want to stay and healthy it’s best choice I can say because it turns your home dramatically into pure & automatically remove health threatening bacteria. Its inbuilt stabilizers help to save the AC from the damage caused by fluctuating electric current supply.

SamSung Air Conditioner Features & Price

Capacity (Ton Range): 1 T, 1.5 T & 2.0 T

Star Rating:  Available ratings are 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Split/Window: Available in both variants

Warranty:  1 year warranty on all parts, thereafter 4 year additional warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase.

Special Features: powerful UTR plus compressor cools even at 54 degree Celsius, de-humidification, automatic cleaning, turbo cleaning, virus doctor eliminates 99.99% of bacteria & virus.

Price Range: INR 20,000 – INR 45,000 (Note:  the price range included both Split & Window AC)

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