Top 5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India with Price & Features

Summer season’s are on and market of Air Conditioners is also become hot because most of the people are looking to buy air conditioners (AC) for their home and offices as AC’s use in winter as well but the demand of air conditioner become higher in summer season.

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What Actually Air Conditioner is?
In a very simple way air conditioner (AC) is modern equipment which is use to cooling the room temperature by lowering the heat and adjusting the room temperature.

It’s quite difficult to survive without AC in summer. Modern air conditioner doesn’t cool the room also clean room as well. I think I should tell you that there are 2 type of AC which are popular in the market Window AC & Split AC with the passage of time Split AC become more popular due to its sleek exterior, as well as its noiseless performance. Whenever we switching AC on & off on regular basis it takes too much energy due to which people have to pay more electricity bill. So, I have tried to list all the best AC’s which can save energy & their functionality, technical facts and star rating as well.

Things to Check before Buying Air Conditioner (AC)

Well, I will discuss about the technical part of AC but before this we should understand what type of AC we should buy. If you are going to local market and ask from the salesman they will try to convince you for the AC which they love to sale. So, it would be good if you don’t trust on them and give some task to your brain and check your need, budget, ton of Ac etc.

Most of the salesman try to sale you the heavy ton AC as different size room needs different type of AC. So how will you calculate how much ton of AC do you need? You need to do little calculation yourself via simply this formula.

  1. First you need to measure the room in feet (Length x Width x Height) then compare the below mentioned chart and find out how much ton AC is fit for you.
  2. Total tonnage of AC required = Length (feet) x Breadth (feet) x Height (feet) of room/floorAC Tonnage Chart Calculator
  3. If you have small room then your need small size AC.
  4. It would be good if you go for higher star rating because it is more energy efficient.
  5. If you have small size home Window AC would be good for you instead of this if you have larger room you need Split air conditioner.
  6. Before buying any AC check its warranty/guarantee/ service being offered by AC Company.

Have you check all the things and calculated the ton of AC? Ok, than now we can move on to popular air conditioner (AC) brands in India:

Hitachi Air Conditioner (AC)hitachi air conditioner

Hitachi air conditioners made by the Japanese multinational company which manufactures highly efficient Air Conditioners. It’s more popular as its deal in electronic home appliances which make people easy to trust on this brand. Hitachi’s air conditioner is reliable to operate and integrated with Self-Cleaning Technology.

Hitachi Air Conditioner Features & Price

Capacity (Ton Range): 1 T, 1.5 T and 2 T

Star Rating:  Available ratings are 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Split/Window: Available in both variants

Warranty:  1 Year Comprehensive, 5 Year on Compressor

Special Features: Nano Titanium WASABI Air Purifying Filter, Antibacterial, Anti-Allergen, Mold and Fungi Suppression, Odor Removal, UV Air Cleaner, Minus lon Stick, DC Power System, Antibacterial Tangent Fan, Energy Saving Indoor Unit and so on.

Price Range: INR 26,000 – INR 57,000 (Note:  the price range included both Split & Window AC)

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