Tips to Schedule your Email Messages in Gmail with Microsoft Outlook

Have you ever feel to send an email on later date or time which you have written shortly? I am sure you looking for a system or software with the help of that you can send birthday greetings, festival and other email messages on exact day of your choice. We have noticed that we reply an email and would like to schedule deliver of the email on recipient’s can get it more like to get read.

There are many more questions in mind regarding the scheduling of email message and fortunately it’s possible to schedule email with the help of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has given the facility to schedule and email message on later date & time as per our choice. Once you finished writing email or replying someone message and click on the Send button that message will not deliver immediately. It will keep in your outbox folder and is delivered on the set time automatically.Schedule-Emails-in-Gmail-to-send-LaterUnfortunately Gmail doesn’t allow you to schedule delay delivery of email but have browser extensions namely Right Inbox & Boomerang which will help you specify a future send date for your outgoing emails.

However these are subscription based facilities which allow you to send only limited schedule email message per month for free. The other concern is privacy – you will have to grant read and write access to your entire Gmail account to a third-party to use scheduling inside Gmail.

How One Can Schedule & Send Gmail Message Later with Google Sheets

Hmm If you are loath to grant access to your Gmail to another service, no need to worry still you have an alternate option yes it’s Google Sheets.

Now the question is what you do? Compose all  the emails which you want to deliver later in  Gmail and then destine the accurate delivery date & time for these messages in Google Sheet. Once you finished with this activity all the message will delivered automatically at the time chosen by you.schedule-gmail-messagesSchedule your Gmail – Step by Step

Now it’s time to be practical go to  your Gmail mailbox and compose few test messages which you want to delivered on a later date. These messages will save automatically on your draft folder, your draft message may have rich formatting, you can add signature, attachments & even inline images. Ooops please do not forget to include the recipient’s email address in the”To” field of the drafts.

  • You can create Gmail scheduler sheet in your Google Drive simply by clicking here and can change the default time zone also.
  • Now open the sheets, elect authorize under the Gmail scheduler menu and allow the necessary permissions. You can view this script in your own Google Drive and no one can access your data.
  • Next click Gmail scheduler > Fetch message to import all the draft message from your Gmail account into the Google Sheet.
  • This one is very important step now you can set the scheduled date and time for individual message as shown above in the image. You can set date and time manually or can double click a cell and use the date picker.
  • At last go to Gmail Scheduler > Schedule Messages and run the scheduler. After activating the scheduler you can close the spreadsheet and all the messages will send on specified time automatically.

Hope reading this article will be a great experience for you and now you can try this yourself for any issue can drop your question in comment section.

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