Three Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking

Keeping track of keyword rankings is an everyday exercise for digital marketers. A rise in rankings is bound to bring in organic traffic, and a fall is likely to send traffic away. These scenarios are a part and parcel of the digital marketing profession.

The process of checking keyword ranking used to be one rife with a lot of manual work. In the early days of SEO, professionals used to refresh search results every day to check if their website’s rank improved. After all, the only way to tell if an SEO campaign is working is by checking if the keyword ranking of a website is improving.

Thus, keyword rankings are an improbable SEO metric. Its importance is best understood by the amount of time digital marketers used to spent searching the same term of Google before important keyword ranking tools came into the mainstream,

While there are many tools online that can help digital marketers check keyword rankings for their website, only some are fast and direct. When checking keyword ranking, no digital marketer wants to spend a lot of time.

In this article, we discuss three online keyword ranking tools used by digital marketers and bloggers to analyze the performance of their SEO campaign.


One of the most popular names in digital marketing, SEMrush is a great tool for checking the keyword rankings of a website. Of course, marketers can use SEMrush for a plethora of other features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks, content optimization, and so on.

In the keyword ranking checker on SEMrush, digital marketers can check the keyword rankings of their competitors as well, offering an important perspective of where others in the field are. Additionally, SEMrush also offers digital marketers the chance to check all the keywords they rank. This helps digital marketers adopt a more direct approach to keyword research and targeting.

Google Keyword Ranker

Check Keyword Ranking

Realizing how important keyword ranking is as a metric to digital marketers, Google has its own Keyword Ranker. The very personification of simple use, the Google Keyword Ranker helps digital marketers check where they rank on a certain keyword in a certain location. Since the tool belongs to Google, it kind of has to be mentioned in the discussion about keyword ranking.

SERPS Keyword Rank Checker

An easy to use keyword ranking tool, SERPS Rank Checker helps digital marketers simply check the ranking of their website on a given keyword. Along with the keyword, the tool also allows marketers to specify the location and device on which the keyword ranking has to be checked.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three important keyword ranking tools used by digital marketers to track the performance of their SEO campaign.

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