Things to Know for Approval of Google Adsense Account

Have you applied for Google Adsense but rejected? I know there are many bloggers who are rejected by Google Adsense Team and want to know what they can do for approval of Adsense account and you are one of them. Google Adsense is most popular and trust method to earn online but many people become fail to approve there account in it because of the strictness of Adsense team. It is the story of past when people got approval from adsense very easily but it become more tougher nowadays due to its popularity.

Well it’s very easy to create a Google Adsense account but difficult to get approve but the question is why people account reject by the Adsense Team? There could be several reasons behind it but most common error which done by most of the newbie I explained it below step by step.

Things to do for Approval of Google Adsense Account

1. Buy a Top Level Domain Name

As I already said above in this post that Google become more strict in approval of Adsense account and it’s also become history when people get approval with sub domain like blogspot, wordpress & weebly etc but still few subdomain sites approved in Google Adsense. To be very true it’s not easy to make a subdomain website compatible with Google Adsense standards. For your information I would like to information that Google has already banned some sub domains sites like,

As it’s quite difficult to manage free sub domain site so I personally suggest you to buy a top-level domain I have also given subdomain example below:

  • Free sub domain –
  • Top level domain –

You can read my article Vs in which I have discussed in detail about sub domain and top level domain and why you should go with top level domain.

Choosing a domain name is not an easy task because you can’t use others Brand Name on your domain & avoid copy right violation. You can read my article about How to Choose a Good Domain Name.

2. Original Content & No. of Posts

I assume that you have design your blog website very well as you are using top level domain now the next step is to publish original content to your blog. In simple words original content is well researched and written by you or your writers. I have seen most of the blogger copy and paste others content on their blog and show that they have good number of posts and apply for Adsense but it’s not right way. If you want to apply for Google Adsense then you should create original content because content is King always in online marketing.

Quantity of content never matters but quality always appreciated by the big G. So once you have 10-20 posts are published then you can apply for the Adsense. As nobody is sure about the number of posts but I personally experience 10-20 posts are enough to apply for adsense if you have more quality & original content then it would be good.

You can check your content is duplicate elsewhere: &

3. Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Everyone wants readers for their newly website because they have write content with hard work and research and its worthless if they don’t have visitors and you can’t grab the visitors till your website is not indexed in search engines. So it’s great idea to direct your website to popular search engines.

Instead of this I have another reason to submit website in search engines what’s that? As you have new website or blog and you have written well researched content but someone copy your content and pasted on their blog and ranking well in search engine why I say so actually it happens with me in the starting of blogging days my blog was new and that’s why it take time to index and other guys post my content on their blog and get index soon. I can’t stop others to copy my content but I can do index my website faster that’s why whenever I publish any new article I submit it to search engines for fast index and it devaluate others who copy my content but today’s I don’t require to submit my content to search engines it get index automatically after publishing it J.

So you have to 2 strong reasons to submit your website/blog to search engines.

5. Don’t Avoid Google Program Policy & Terms

I have seen most of the people skip from this step because reading Adsense program policies & terms could be tedious work but I strongly recommend everyone either you are a Pro blogger or newbie you must read Adsense Program Policies & Terms of Services. I know it could be tedious work but you have to read it once after reading this you can know many things about adsense and it help you lot to approve your account in Adsense so before applying read it.

6. Create your Own Privacy Policies Page

It’s one of the most common mistakes which blogger do before applying for Google Adsense. I have seen there are many bloggers who asked me why my adsense account is rejected and after reviewing their website I found most of the people don’t have any privacy policy page may be they don’t aware about its important or forget to create it as its play a vital role in Adsense approval.

Privacy Policy page actually tell the people what they will get on your blog or website and what your visitors should do and what should not do. It would be great if you could write content yourself for privacy policy page or you can take the help of online privacy policy generator.

7. Create About Us & Contact Us Page

These pages are also important to create because everyone wants to know about you and if they have any query regarding your post or service can contact you via given source on your contact us page. I believe I don’t need to explain about these pages what you have to include in it but it will be great idea if you create these 2 pages with proper content before applying the Google Adsense.

8. Name and Age Verification

Your name and email should be appear on contact us and about Page for your readers and you can’t apply Adsense if you are below 18.

9. Remove Other Network Ads

Everyone in hurry nobody wants to wait and when it comes to earn online then why one should wait as other options are already available. If you are also using any other method of earn online or placed any other network Ads then you must remove these ads when you are going to apply for adsense because against the Google Adsense Policy.

10. Apply with Best Website

If you have more than 1 website then go with the best website many of the webmasters ask me how low quality content get Google ads but it’s not true my buddy the real fact is that people use high quality website and after getting approval from Adsense they place Ad code on their other website or blog.

11. Website Language

Google Adsense don’t support the many languages so I suggest you try to apply for English language website. You can know which language Google support via clicking here: Adsense Support Languages

12. Domain Age

Sorry to say but I am not pretty sure about it as I have read somewhere that Google required 6 month old domain before applying for adsense but personally my Adsense account approved after the 4 months. May be it could be a reason that’s why  your account not get approved that’s why I include this point also in my list.

13. Avoid Paid Traffic

If you are using any paid method to increase the traffic of your website then forget about the Adsense account. Google is smart and can easily understand are  you using paid traffic source or not and if Google found your website using paid traffic service then they will banned your account immediately or reject your application.

If you want to increase traffic of your website read: How to Get 1000 Visitor Per Day to My New Blog

I know all these things are not so hard and you can do it if want to earn online. If you are all set then simply click here and apply for Adsense: If you don’t know how to apply for Google Adsense then read this article: How to Create A  Google Adsense Account Step by Step

At the end as usual if you like me hard work and this article please submit your feedback in comment box or anything else I should ad in these tricks please share it with me and many readers of Speaking Technically.