The Simplest Printer Buying Guide – Finding the Right Type

Before you go hunting for a printer, you need to understand your printing requirements. It holds good not only for printers, but also for any kind of electronic device. You will have to carefully analyze your requirements and make your decision. You will be able to find the perfect printer for you needs if you conceive the answer to the following questions.

What are you going to print? – How much are you going to print? – How many people are going to use the printer? – Do you also do color printing? If yes, how much?- How much money can you spend?


Take a pen and paper and write the answers to these questions. Stop staring at the monitor. Go grab a pen and paper and write the answers and come back once you are done.

Now that you understand your printing needs you will be able to choose the printer that best suites your requirements. We have categorized them into 5 different categories to make the whole process simple.

Light, budget printer with all the features

If your primary task is to print text or photos (not often), and copy or scan documents, you will need a multi-functional inkjet printer. By getting such a printer, you will be able to perform all the tasks that can be done by a printer and the upfront expense will be less. You would have already perceived the undertone suggesting that you might be spending more money in the long-run. It actually depends on the volume of printing. If you are only going to print occasionally, the ink cartridges are going to last for a long time and you wont be spending a lot. They usually work well for home-printing.

Budget printer for printing documents.

Are you are student or someone who wants to printer a lot of documents? What you are looking for is a monochrome laser printer that is good at churning out a lot of papers in black and white. A cheap laser printer cannot produce the same printing quality of an ink-jet, but can get the job done in far less time and less cost.

High quality text printing at great speeds

You run a small business and most of the documents printed will represent your business. And so you are willing to pay the extra money to get a good quality printer that has great print-speeds. Get a mid-range laser printer with a large ink toner and a good set of features. You can get a color all-in-one laser printer if you want to print some important documents occasionally in color and perform other tasks like, printing, scanning, copying and faxing. For small/medium office setup, it is not advised to go for an ink-jet printers, since you will be shelling out a lot of money on ink cartridges. A printer with wireless network capability can also be bought if multiple people need to connect with the printer.


Heavy text and color graphics printing

Heavy text and color graphics printing

You want a printer that can live up to your expectations. You always want to see the best-quality documents and pictures pushed out of the machine and you are okay with spending a considerable amount of money on your new office printer. A high-end color all-in-one laser machine is the right choice for you. These kinds of high end laser printers can also hold thousands of sheets of paper with multiple trays.


The best photo printers are almost always inkjet printers. If you are only looking for a printer that can print snapshots, a dedicated inkjet snapshot printer should suffice. However, if you want to print snapshots, enlargements and also printer text, you are looking for an inkjet printer which is photo-centric.

Hope we helped you ascertain the right type of printer. Now that you know the type of printer you want, go ahead and read a few reviews and do the research to find the best printer model for your printing needs.

Now that you have a printer all you need is printer ink or cartridges. It would be advisable to buy original toners or cartridges online or in specialized shops. For example you can visit Ink Station or Ink ‘N’ Toner to get some printer ink. Advance of online shopping is that you can browse for better price.

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