The Science Behind Induction Cooktop Technology

There are a number of machines and gadgets that have made life easier. There have been a lot of innovations in the kitchen equipment market that is quite popular and has been embraced by the homemakers with open hands as it reduces the time they have to spend in the kitchen. The induction cooktop is one such kitchen equipment that helps you to cook faster, and at the same time, it gives you the freedom to put the item to be cooked on the cooktop and be assured that the food would be ready to eat when you want it owing to the timer function that they are endowed with. The stove switches off once the set time is reached.

Induction cooktop- why is it called so?

The induction cooktop gets its name, not without reason. It is the shortened term of electromagnetic induction and refers to the process of generating electricity using magnetism. However, you must note that electricity and magnetism are not separate but two different parts or aspects of a single phenomenon which is electromagnetism. The induction cookers are endowed with an electrical coil that is responsible for producing the magnetic field using electric current and passing it on to all directions including the top direction heating up the vessel that is placed on

Working of an induction cooktop

The induction cooktop is also referred to as hob. The induction cooktop usually features a glass top. However, the most important inner make-up of the cooktop or hob includes a simple coil that produces a magnetic field when plugged in to an electric power source. The simple direct current is good enough to produce a constant magnetic field. But, heat is produced only when you have a fluctuating magnetic field. The alternating current is the type of current that keeps changing direction. This type of current is preferred in an induction cooktop to create the electromagnetism that is expected. The alternate current is therefore used to produce a fluctuating magnetic field that will indirectly be responsible for producing heat. However, since the heat is due to the constantly changing magnetic field, the cooktop does not heat up, and when you put a hand on top of it, you would not feel any hear. You can get your first induction online here

The cooking process

When a suitable cooking vessel specially meant for induction cooking is chosen and placed on top of the induction cooktop. The magnetic field that is created would penetrate the metal pan. Now you would have the fluctuating magnetic field move all around the pan, including the base and the sides. The current that flows is a swirling whirling and high on energy the swirling electric current contains ample energy and is referred to as eddy current. The energy that is dispensed while the current keeps swirling around the pan dissipates heat energy, which heats the food inside. However, cooking is done employing the conduction method at the start and later using the convection process.

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