Secure your Android phones easily with 5 steps

Mobile devices are very common nowadays, which can store more information, important data, or sensitive documents, etc. However, people tend not to care too much about their information until something was lost and they cannot do anything to restore it then.

In order to make your Android more secure, you should execute the following things:

Create a password for your phone

create a password for your phone

The first step you need to do is enable password protector for your Android phone to avoid attacker access to your data and execute it without your permission. This feature is fundamental but it is very effective in most situations.

Avoid download data from untrusted sources

Avoid download data from untrusted sources

Similar to the computer, Smartphones are easily infected viruses from untrusted sources in a situation you have downloaded files without thinking. There are several Spy apps were uploaded anywhere by anyone using the internet.

Especially on Android phones, hackers can create a backdoor to your data through malicious apps, which are similar to the apps that you downloaded from Google Play store. Therefore, you should not download data or apps from untrusted sites or sources.

In addition, you should notice to the permit of appswhenever you download them from both of Google Play store and other sources. When installing the app, you will see a pop-up window that lists all of the permissions of the app.

Most people ignore this pop-up window unconsciously and continue with the installation process, this is a bad habit, you need to see the app you download will use what data and services, and then you can get risk from that.

Better than ever, with the new version of Android nowadays, you can get the meanings of the whole permissions easily, or you can touch to each individual permission to learn more about it.

Anyway, the apps that you downloaded on Google Play store are much more secure than the apps you downloaded from other sources, therefore, better find your expect apps fromGoogle Play store.

Backup your data

back up your data

The experts said that backing up thedata is very essential for yourSmartphone. When your phone was infected, you have to delete all the memory of your phone. Therefore, you need to back up your data regularly to save your contacts, messages, photos and of course applications.

Restrict Accessing to public Wi-Fi

Restrict Accessing to public Wi-Fi

You know that insecure Wi-Fi or publicWi-Fi hotspot has more dangerous from itself. You may love it in some specific situation, but it is also the ideal environment for hackers too. Therefore, instead of using an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot, you should have a 3G or 4G connection by your own.

Security software

Security software

People are able to install some apps that help protect their Smartphones, such as Norton, McAfee WaveSecure, Bitdefender Mobile Security, etc. Most of mainstream antivirus companies are available on Android nowadays.

For example, with Norton Mobile Security, you can lock your Smartphone remotely in case your phone was lost or stolen. In addition, it can prevent the risk of accessing your personal information.

McAfee WaveSecure can be back-up and restored easily through its website. Alternatively, Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus can save your Android battery life, and detect viruses on your phone too.

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