Pros & Cons of Using Natural Fiber Carpet

The market for natural fiber carpet is very big and much in demand all over. One of the best and the most demanded carpet is the sisal carpet in the market. If you are thinking to buy one of these natural fiber carpets then you should know certain facts about these natural fiber carpets & how they can beautify your household. The first and the foremost is that some of these carpets are made from cactus plant. It gives a very stylish look in your home and these carpets are also known to be eco friendly carpets.  These natural fiber carpets are made from natural fiber of plants like agave sisalana.

These carpets are sustainable one. Adding one of these would be a great way to go green. These carpets are also known for their resilient feature which makes it more durable. So which is the best place to place them? Of course the living room and the bedroom. These rugs can be placed anywhere in the house depending on the use. It can also be placed in the dining room. The carpet beneath the feet will feel very good.  Another best feature about this natural fiber carpet is that it is very easy to clean. The best method is to vacuum it regularly and use a special sisalana cleaner for these carpets which will stop the slicks on the carpet from becoming blemishes.

The sisal carpet looks very versatile in any place wherever it is placed. One of the best features of this kind of natural fiber carpet is that it looks good no matter how your household looks. The beauty of these carpets is that it enhances the looks of the home and makes it even better. Imagine walking around your house and having the soft feel of carpet beneath your feet.

Apart from the pros there are also certain cons with these carpets which one should be aware of. Firstly, this carpet comes in varieties like hemp, jute, and others. Secondly, some times the wear and tear of these carpets makes it a bit dicey and smooth. Thirdly, cleaning becomes a bit tough as the stains can only be removed with specialized stain cleaner like sisalana cleaners etc. Vacuuming regularly is needed. Any kind of spills and stains must be immediately met with cleaning or else the stain remains. There are only some varieties which can be easily maintainable. But the carpets are biodegradable and durable in all ways so it can be very comfortable for using.

One of the best parts about these carpets is that since it is made from plants its herbal in nature and there are no chances of any harmful bacteria or germs to infest on the carpets. Because of this reason it is environment friendly.  Another con in the use of this carpet is that it is not comfortable for sitting on it and the next is that it cannot be used open-air.

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