Print Smart – Save money and ink with these simple tips

smart printer, priting tipsEstablished computer expert sources point out that the price of ink even for small businesses amounts to $1000 – $2000 annually. The staggering costs of printer ink have made business owners wonder – isn’t there a way to print without having so much expenditure? And even though the printing industry is expensive by nature, there are some ways to reduce the costs of printing.

Let’s examine some of the most popular ways to start printing smart:

1.Position more information within a single sheet of paper.

You don’t really need to print each slide of a PowerPoint presentation on a separate sheet. Instead, use the software options to create what is known as “handouts” in which several slides are crammed into one page. It also helps to use the “Shrink to fit” option of various programs. For example, in Excel this option guarantees that empty columns won’t be printed altogether. When printing articles from a blog, it helps to print the article only, without the accompanying comments which can span for pages upon pages. Basically, only printing the necessary is bound to limit spending.

2. Examine the idea of re-manufactured cartridges.

Re-manufacturing a cartridge means that all or most of its components will be reused and it will be filled up with ink. This is reported to be twice cheaper than buying new cartridges, and is in favor of the environment, since it reduces pollution from the garbage generated from old cartridges being thrown away. Many companies deal with recycling and re-manufacture, so it’s not likely to be difficult to find one in your vicinity.
3 . Use different printers for different needs.

For example, inkjet printers are slow and expensive if you’re only going to print black-and-white content. For such purposes, it is cheaper and faster to use a laser printer. For color though, you’d have to stick with inkjet printers. A practical solution would be to encourage the employees at an office to use one of two printers depending on their needs. The printers should also be aptly named, like: “LASER – BLACK AND WHITE” and “INKJET – COLOR” for example.

4. Print only what you need to.

In this day and age, there are various ways to transfer data – make use of them. Instead of printing a 50 page report, send it via e-mail or through other ways. Not every email is worthy of being printed, and with the fast pace of mobile device development, it’s likely that you wouldn’t need to print emails anyway.
5. Order cartridges online instead of relying on local stores.

In most cases, cartridges offered on the Internet are likely to be cheaper even with the delivery included. This stems from the fact that local suppliers need to have lots of different types of cartridges in stock, while they’re not sure which ones will be bought and which ones won’t. That forces them to raise the prices in order to make a profit. On the other hand, online cartridge and toner stores don’t have that problem, and thus their prices seem to be lower in the general case. You should check out Artonery and other great online stores where you can find everything your printers and copiers need.

Conclusion: Printing is costly venture, and is likely to remain this way for a long time. Research indicates that prices are even rising slowly. But with these tips, you’ll probably be able to reduce costs to a satisfying extent.

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