Powerful Facebook WordPress Plugins

facebook-popout-likebox-wordpress-plugin Integrating your WordPress blog or a website with the powerful social medium such is Facebook, has many advantages. It will allow you to share your content better, reach large numbers of people and create yourself a faithful audience. The process starts after you create a Facebook page dedicated to your blog/website, and further continues with the usage of various Facebook related WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of various plugins, but I’ve selected the five that are considered the most useful when it comes to connecting your WordPress blog/website with Facebook.


Official Facebook for WordPress

First things first – installing the Official Facebook for WordPress Plugin is the initial and the most important step of connecting your blog with the mighty Facebook. The plugin will add Facebook social plugin to your WP blog/website and provide it with a Facebook application identifier, enabling options such as automatic sharing of your new posts to your personal FB timeline or your site’s FB page. You’ll be able to add ‘subscribe‘, ‘send‘ and ‘like‘ buttons to your every post and enable your readers to share your content with their Facebook friends. The Open Graph protocol markup will optimize your content for sharing on social networks, and a whole range of additional features such as the Recommendations Bar or Facebook Insights will help you even more.

Facebook Like Box

http://collegers.net/pics/?di=RS6T Although there’s a number of various Like Box plugins you should be careful about using them as they significantly slow down the loading of your website/blog. So, it is recommend to use the Facebook Like Box which will cause you no such issues. You can set the light or the dark color scheme, the box height and width, decide whether you want to display the Facebook header at the top and several other aesthetic-related options. The number of likes you got to your FB page from the Like Box can be seen at your Facebook Insights.


The Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

This useful plugin will create a light box which will highlight your Like Box and shade out the rest of your website when a visitor opens it. This will substantially increase the number of likes on your FB page in a short period of time. You can limit the number of times the light box appears, determine whether you want that the like box gets highlighted immediately or with a delay and set the color of the back shade and the size of the Like Box itself.

Facebook Comments by Fat Panda



This plugin is a simple, drop-in solution for putting the Facebook Comments widget instead of the default WordPress one. It requires no configuration – just install it and it’s ready. It will import your Facebook comments into your WordPress database, retain all of your old WordPress comments (and present you with an option of displaying them below the FB comment box) and even print all comments in hidden blocks to maximize your search engine optimization!

Tawea Facebook Chat

Having an integrated Facebook chat on your blog or website can be a great way of providing live, online support. Adding the plugin to your blog will create a bar similar to Facebook chat at the bottom of the page, after which you just need to log in with your FB account and start chatting. The toolbar color is customizable, there is a division between a public and a private chat, the plug-in comes with a built-in social toolbar and you can share anything via the drag&drop system. It is compatible with all the major Internet browsers.

There are numerous blog platforms, but professionals, like Go Daddy or WMD will definitely recommend WordPress, as the simplest platform with a lot of plugins to choose from.

To learn more about how to complete the setup, check out this guide from Facebook.

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