Received My First Cheque from Google Adsense in INR

Finally I received my first cheque from Google Adsense and really it makes me so happy. To be very true while started this blog I never think about the Adsense earning but after reading several blogs on net I apply for the Adsense and today it’s like dream come true.

I know that amount is low but still happy to get it because the reader of my blog now can trust me more and it will surely encourage them to work harder & smarter because earning online from adsense is not an easy task. It takes me several months to receive this cheque and damn sure it will not take too much time to get more cheques in future :-).

I have pasted the picture of my adsense cheque which I received below.

Received My Google Adsense Cheque click on cheque image for larger view please

I know it can’t be possible without your support and love so thank you very much to all my readers who posted their comments and suggestion on several posts and always encourage me to write helpful and latest posts. If you are new blogger and want to earn online via Google Adsense I hope this post could encourage you.

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With Love
Kapil Kumar

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