Low Electricity Consumption Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners becomes an important part of human life either its season of weather or winter we all need it in our house and offices. As it’s becomes quite difficult to live without electronic equipment i.e. Air Conditioner.  So, how could be we careless to while choosing AC all we have different size of house and offices and need air conditioner accordingly. Which AC could feet you more or how to choose best air conditioner for your home or office can be found on my other article here.

How to Measure which Air Conditioner Feet my Home or Office (1 ton or 1.5 ton)

Today, I have enlisted the air conditioners which can save your electricity and can reduce your electricity bill in comparison to old one. I have also seen people get confused that which AC they should buy either Split AC or Windows AC which consume less electricity. Frankly speaking split or window air conditioner don’t consume different wattage because both consume similar electricity things that how much ton AC you are using ( 1 ton, 1.5 ton or 2 ton) etc. So before buying the AC for your home or office keep these things and brands in mind.

List of Air Conditioners Which Consume Less Electricity

1.  Voltas

voltas split air conditionerAs we are talking about the low electricity consumption ac in India then I would like to enlist Voltas on top because I like it’s ad slogan which is “Voltas India ka AC” instead of this there is no doubt that it’s one of the most successful AC company in India and list of Indian customers grow in last few years. Voltas offer affordable AC in India and the most of the air conditioner made by the company are 3 star bearer which means above average in energy saving. So it would be good if you go with 3 star AC of Voltas as its price could be little higher than 1 and 2 star but it will returned by saving your electricity and final choice is yours not mine :). I am here to give advice only.

See Voltas AC ads “India ka AC”

2.  LG

LG split Air Conditioner ImageMost of the Air Conditioner manufacture by LG is 3.5 star bearer and LG also dealing in other electronic home appliances and manufacturing AC’s from very long time. I would like to tell you best thing about LG that more than 50 models of AC are already registered in their portfolio and still increasing. As I said LG manufactures 3.5 star AC which means its more energy saver and save lot of electricity power and off course its cut the electricity expenses.

3. Samsung

Samsung Split air conditinoerWhen talking about low electricity consumption AC of India how we can forget the biggest electricity appliances and Gadget Company of the world yes its SamSung in the list. Instead of consuming less electricity Samsung Ac’s also  provide a lot of other benefits to its users like De-humidification, automatic cleaning and turbo cleaning etc. The inbuilt stabilizers help to save the AC from the damage caused by fluctuating electric current supply so Samsung could be your choice while going to buy AC.

4. Hitachi

hitachi split air conditioner imageAir Conditioner made by the Japanese multinational company name Hitachi which is trusted brand in India. Hitachi is trustable brand and its popular to operate and integrated with Self-Cleaning technology. Hitachi manufacture 1-5 star rating AC as high as star rating is means low electricity consumption or can say electricity friendly. To see Hitachi AC price and features click here

5. Whirlpool

Whirlpool split air conditioner imageWhirlpool is another well known brand in the field of electronic home appliances as well as in the market of Air Conditioner. AC’s made by the company is affordable as well as produce real nice cooling efficiently. Whirlpool has poses a lot of vehemence on energy conservation and thus it’s Air Conditioner and other appliances too save a lot of electricity.

6. Blue Star

Blue Star split air conditioner imageAnother name in the list of Air Conditioners is Blue Star. The company possesses a BEE confirmed star for high cooling and performance with very less electricity bill instead of this company offer lot of features to its users in order to take care of their well being.

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Additional Tip: In case you have small room then I will recommend to go with 1 ton AC instead if you have a regular medium room then go for 1.5 ton window ac, why so? Because its needs less maintenance and can be cleaned by the common users also. Instead of all this window AC starts immediately in comparison to Split AC which start the compressor (actual cooling) after 3 minutes from switching on.

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