Learn How to Report Google to Remove Copied Content from Its Search Result

Nowadays numerous website owner and blogger are cark due to stolen of content. As website owners pay fee to professional writers and most of the bloggers like me spent hours to write original content but some online bullshits are there who copied the original content and simply paste it on their own blog.

Don’t know about the others but I personally got choler when see other blogger who copied my content and rank above me and they did not stealing my content also steal my traffic and all we know traffic is money and how can we see that someone is stealing our money. Now time to do something against those cons.

I would like to say special thanks to Google who is really serious about the Quality and Original content and help us to take necessary action against those who copied our content before proceeding to complaint regarding to duplicate content you need to check either your content is copied or not. Don’t be confuse it’s very easy to check that is your content is copied or not.How to Report Google to Remove Copied Content

 How to Find Out If Your Content Has Been Copied

As I said, earlier before complaining you have to be sure that someone is copied your content or not and checking of duplicate content is very easy and simple. The easiest and best way to search duplicate content is just copy a single line of 20 or more words, from the middle of your article you wanted to search and place it between double quote “line from your post” and press enter Google will show you all contents that contain your blog post lines.

For instance I have posted one of my article lines “I was so upset as I have to update my blog with articles but can’t access it” in Google search and posted example below in image.

copied content exampleInstead of Google you can use several free online plagiarism checker tools namely Copyscape or Duplichecker to find out the copied content from your blog.


Report Google to Remove Copied Content for Search

Finally you find that someone has copied your content now your next step is to go to “Google DMCA page” and click on the 5th option namely “Submit a Legal Request”.  If the website which copied your content is hosted on Blogspot then you need to choose the option “Blogger” otherwise click on “Web Search” option.

As my content is copied but the website is not hosted on Blogspot so I am going to elect the option “Web Search” as mentioned in below image example.

submit legal request in Google DMCA

Now choose the following options step by step

  • I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above.
  • I have found content that may violate my copyright.
  • Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.
  • Other.

I have also mentioned these steps in image below for more help.

Step 1Google dmca step 1

Step 2Google dmca step 2Step 3Google dmca step 3Once you click on “Other” option you will see a message “Please use this form to submit your request. Note that you may be required to log in to a Google Account to submit your request.”

Click on the “this form” once you click on this it will take you to the copyright removal page. Fill out the form if possible fill the entire field in form. You can see I have also fill the form you can also use this message while complaining to Google or use your own method. Report to Google to Remove Duplicate content Form

Once you fill the form now click on submit button. In-case if blogspot copied your content you can use this form. After submitting form Google will take some time to remove copied content from it search till then you can keep track your DMCA complaint status in your Google Webmaster Account. Just go to DMCA Dashboard.

To be honest I never complaint for any blog who copied my content because I was not aware about it anyhow I know about it and thought to share it with my readers. So that, they can protect their traffic and copied paste blogger do something your own stuff because you will not stay more in the industry. I am sure after reporting to Google about the duplicate content I will get back my rank and traffic back just checking all my posts and will complaint one by one feeling really great.

Oh by the way what you think about this post are you satisfied and happy with this post is it worthful for you or not? Share your experience with me in comment section and also share my post to your social profile if you like it.

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