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We have all heard the importance of keeping an up to date inventory of our belongings for insurance purposes and personal convenience. Yet no matter how important, the task of documenting all the items in your home and their worth can be a challenge. Fortunately, you do not have to do the inventory in a record book, because there are apps or software for tablets and smartphones that can streamline the task. Are you hesitant about using these apps for your inventory? Then maybe you just need to know more about what inventory apps have to offer.

What Inventory Apps Have To Offer

These are just a few benefits you can enjoy when using apps to keep an inventory of your possessions –

Improves Your Memory

Having to document all your possessions can be an arduous process, but it is necessary when you have the tendency to forget what items you own and how many of a certain type of item you already have. Manually writing everything down is simply tiring, but inventory apps can streamline the process and make the inventory easier and completed faster. These apps have checklists where you can catalog items and record their price, condition and purchase date. As a matter of fact, you can attach photos and bar codes, including where the items can be found in your home or in storage. When you have an inventory, you can easily recover after a disaster by verifying everything you own so you can get your life back on track.

Keeps You Informed

Inventory apps are highly efficient when you need to learn more about the right type of coverage you need and how you can utilize it. Certain apps are designed to explain insurance coverage and answer questions that users are not confident asking personally.

Assists You When You Move

Amazingly, these apps are also designed to digitally map out and record all the future locations of every moving box in your new home. Box labels with QR codes can be printed out while recording the contents of every box, so if a box is damaged or misplaced in transit, you can easily determine the contents and their value.

Trendy Inventory Apps

Home inventory software or apps for smartphones and tablets are constantly being developed and improved to ensure that every user’s needs are met.

My Home Scr. APP Book – This app is approved by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and available at the iTunes store. It allows users to organize their items, save digital photos and scan barcodes, while being able to email or back up their files.

Home Inventory – This app can be used for home inventory and business inventory on a computer or smartphone. Users can save detailed information of their possessions and print reports for insurance claims.

What You Own Home Inventory – You can easily organize your possessions according to room and purpose using this app. The value of every item is recorded which will come handy.

The main purpose of home inventory apps is to provide users with the peace of mind knowing that every item in their home or business, and even storage is accounted for. Nevertheless, it is also highly essential when you need to prove your losses when filing an insurance claim.

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