Is Automation Testing Really Overrated?

software testingWell, I have been observing this for the last one year. Every software testing company is chanting the benefits of automation testing like it’s the next big thing in the field of software quality assurance. It seems like manual testing is an invalid or an inappropriate kind of testing that just can’t identify the bug in the software under the testing cycle. With the software testing companies marketing automation testing like an utmost necessity for the app developed companies, they have really sidelined the manual testing by comparing it with the automation testing.

Yes, I do believe that automation testing is like a safe haven in the testing world that has seriously made the testing a lot easier, smarter and better for the test engineers. But the buzz created by the marketers in the QA world stating automation as the ultimate solution of every issue has little relation with the reality. What i think is that these marketers have little technical knowledge about the product and without the full technical knowledge, they have launched massive marketing campaigns which has somewhat created confusion in the changing landscape of the testing. However, marketers initially succeeded to milk some cows and capitalized the opportunity, as major chunk of people had no or very little knowledge about this offering. Tools can’t do anything, unless you know how to use the tools.

Let’s look at what is automation and what good it brings to the world? Automation testing involves the use of a special software, designed for the purpose of testing the developed application and software. It is the process of finding bugs and flaws from the application and software, with the help of specially designed software rather than manually checking it.

Different types of automation testing services and tools are used for the purpose of validation and verification of the application undergoing testing. However, it is pivotal to use the right tool for the application that needs to be tested and criteria of selection of the tool vary according to the type of the application. If we talk about the mobile application testing, various tools are used. The most widely tools used by mobile application testing companies are as under.

Selenium:Selenium is a tool used widely because of its various specifications. It simulates the user behavior in the real time environment.

Rubidium: Robotium do not require the source code of the application for testing

  • Elements are easy to identify and work on
  • Setup is simple and Tests are easier to write
  • Robotium is considered best tool to handle even the most complex android applications
  • Robotium can also test browser-based android applications with some limitations
  • It has a huge community following and documentation available online

Other Open source Native Application Automation options available:

  • FRANK (actively maintained, easy language cucumber, for IOS)
  • Bot-bot (For Android record & play automation, with combination of NativeDriver, Robotium)
  • Monkey Runner (For Android and IOS, record and playback option)
  • Appium (For I-phone and I-pads)
  • Calabash

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