Importance of Keyword Density, Proximity and Prominence Explained

If you are a SEO and optimizing a website then you know how difficult to promote a website is but if we keep work on little and important part then our work will become little easier. All we know that content play a vital role in promotion in any website but how to use that content in your website or article to get rank higher in search engine?

Now you are thinking how? My answer is via using proper keyword density, keyword proximity and keyword prominence.  I have explained every point below and hope you enjoy and get benefit from it.

Importance of keyword density

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density let you know how many times a keyword or phrase is repeated on a particular page compared to the total number of words on page. You can use below mentioned formula to calculate the percentage of keyword density:

 How to calculate keyword density?

Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100


Density = your keyword density

Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific keyword

Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

How to calculate keyword phrase density?

Density = (Nkr x (Nwp / Tkn)) x 100


Density = your keyword phrase density

Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific key-phrase

Nwp = number of words in your key-phrase

Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

Now you can calculate the density of keyword and keyword phrase in your article may be your next question is what percentage (%) of keyword density one should use. To be very myself is not sure about it but most of the tech pro and popular blogger recommend to use 2-5% keyword phrase density. More than 5% could be look spammy. So, be careful to use of keyword density.

What is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword proximity refers to closeness of keywords it could be easily understand with this example: a website contains the keywords which used search term “cinavia error code 3” in the sentence “free permanent cinavia code 3 message error fix”. The search term proximity between “cinavia” and “code 3” is excellent , zero words, but between “cinavia” and “error” it is 3 words. So its proved that as low as distance between search term individual keywords, it’s more relevant from a search engine’s point of view.

So, you have to decide which are your main keywords and try to focus on it and use it properly to let search engine know which keywords are important for the particular page.

What is Keyword Prominence?

This one is most important strategy when optimizing content of the website. Don’t take me wrong it’s not a massive SERP factor but it’s vital.

Keyword prominence is strategy to placing the keyword in your website where search engines like Google will look for them or you can say it’s technique which defined the location or placement of a particular keyword in HTML source code of your page.  The simple rule of it that higher up given a keyword on page the more weight is assigned to it by a search engine when a user is searching for a particular keyword. I have mentioned few recommended placed where you can keyword should be placed.

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Top of paragraph
  • Beginning of a sentence
  • Start of a web page

Hope you understand the importance of keyword density, prominence and proximity and will implement it on your blog or website and then share your views with us. If you have any doubt or question just post it in comment section.

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